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At the other end of the phone, Dong Xian sighed.


Then, pay attention to your safety.”

“Who is it”

Si Xiaozhen poked her head out of the kitchen, “Your President Fu”

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows, and Si Xiaozhen retracted her face with a frown, “Hey… A sour smell.

It seems that I will be the only one in the world who celebrates the New Year alone tomorrow.”

“Just get used to it.”

Ruan Sixian walked into the kitchen with a faint smile and came out with dumplings, but her heart feels hopeful again because of Si Xiaozhen’s words.


What if!

The next morning, when Ruan Sixian went out, the doors were all closed, and even the traffic flow was reduced by more than half.

Only when she got to the airport expressway did her naked eye see more cars.

People come and go in the terminal building, and the pace of going back to their hometown is all in a hurry.

As with every usual flight, the plane landed in Lincheng on time at about two o’clock.

Two hours later, it took off again and returned to Jiangcheng.

When Ruan Sixian walked out of the cockpit, Ni Tong happened to be sending off the last guest.

“Walk slowly, please.

Don’t forget to take your belongings with you.

I wish you a happy new year.”

When the figure of the guest was getting farther away, Ni Tong immediately changed her face and hurried to get her own things.

“Go home! Go home! If you don’t go back, you won’t even be able to grab the red envelope of the Spring Festival Gala!”

Ruan Sixian looked up and saw that it was already dark, but it was snowing.

The snow is dancing one after another in the beam of the navigation lights.

Even snow has come to add atmosphere to New Year’s Eve.

The captain, flight attendants and safety officers beside her rubbed their hands.

When they came down the stairs, they could not wait to hurry home quickly.

“Captain, captain, send us a red envelope!”

Ni Tong dragged the flight box and jumped with joy.

“This is our last flight of the year.

For an auspicious picture!”

When she finished speaking, the others followed suit.

The captain smiled and took out his mobile phone.

“Send send send! It’s New Year, so send send send!”

A few minutes later, the mobile phones of the entire crew rang.

Ruan Sixian suddenly snapped back to her senses and immediately took out her mobile phone to take a look.

However, it was the sound of the captain adding them all into a small group chat and sending two big red envelopes inside.


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She received the red envelope, quit the group chat and looked at Fu Mingyu’s dialog box.

The last chat between the two of them still remained at the message she sent him when she landed at noon.

Ruan Sixian poked hard at the screen.

Are you so busy!

She opened her circle of friends again.

Everyone is very active today.

All that appeared after a series of her hand swiping down were New Year’s Eve dinner.

Among them, she also saw the picture of Zheng You’an’s New Year’s Eve dinner.

No one is in the picture, but the European style long dining table has been prepared completely, and the color of the food alone already makes people drool.

It seems that the whole world is reuniting and she is the only one who goes home to eat frozen dumplings.

After getting out of the crew car and only taking a few steps towards the terminal building, the snow drifted on their face and it was very cold.

Their group walked quickly with the flight box in their hand.

Ruan Sixian wrapped her scarf tightly, revealing only a small part of her face.

She doesn’t know whether it is because she is out of tune with the excited mood of the people around her that leads her to feel that her steps are vain.

She always feels that she hasn’t stepped on the ground.

Along the way, Ruan Sixian looked at her mobile phone several times.

A steady stream of New Year greetings has squeezed Fu Mingyu’s dialog box to the bottom.

She had planned to put him on the top, but after thinking about it, she let it go instead.

After a few steps, her mobile phone rang again.

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath.


Fu Mingyu, I will give you one last chance.

If you don’t send me a message, just go fall in love with your work.

Then she took out her mobile phone and took a look at it.

Very good.

It’s actually a message from Zheng You’an.


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