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Fu Mingyu quickly signed the document, pushed it to the table, and said at the same time, “Let the marketing department summarize the seating plans for all routes in the spring.”


After the man went out, Fu Mingyu put down his pen, loosened his cuffs, and leaned back on his chair with his mobile phone in his hand.

Then he flipped through the schedule on the table and saw the densely packed meeting schedule and the mountain of work plans in front of him.

There was a helpless tiredness between his eyebrows.

Sometimes he really envies people like Yan’an.

After Ruan Sixian hung up the phone, it took less than an hour to organize her clothes.

Such a large cloakroom was only half used by her, making the whole room seem empty.

When she came to the living room, she plopped onto the big sofa, lay flat and stared at the chandelier on the ceiling.

Suddenly, she remembered something, got up and ran to the study.

She opened the door, saw the full model aircraft inside, and stood there for a while.

Oh, no, she can’t live here until Fu Mingyu comes back.

There is his shadow everywhere, especially in this study.

As soon as she walked in, there seemed to be his breath in the air.

Can she still live a good life like this

Half an hour later, half the cloakroom she had just arranged, turned empty again.

She took back all the clothes she usually wears.

That night, more than half of the stores on the street had been closed.

Many companies also took leave in advance, and there were very few options for takeaways.

On the contrary, only railway stations and airports are likely to reach the peak of busyness at this time.

Si Xiaozhen took shifts at night and hurried to Ruan Sixian’s house.

The two planned to have a New Year’s Eve dinner in advance.

“Why did you buy this kind of ingredient”

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Si Xiaozhen opened the refrigerator and saw the pitiful variety in it, and instantly lost her desire to cook, “Even the cabbage is not fresh.”

“Stop picking.” Ruan Sixian opened the freezer and took out two boxes of quick-frozen dumplings.

“Do you think that farmers don’t celebrate the New Year The vegetables in the supermarket are all sold out.”

On New Year’s Eve tomorrow, Si Xiaozhen will be on the night shift.

It is impossible to go home for New Year’s Eve dinner, while Ruan Sixian is used to celebrating the New Year alone.

“It’s fine for me as I am still a single dog.” Si Xiaozhen said while placing the dumplings, “But you, who has a boyfriend, celebrate the New Year alone.

That’s really too pitiful.”

“It’s just a little thing, what are you getting excited for Go and see how many non-single flight attendants in the country are not at home for the Chinese New Year today.

The way you said it is like I am the only one who experienced this.”

Ruan Sixian raised her feet, took the bowls and chopsticks, and said sternly: “Which year is not like this Every New Year’s Eve night, I send others home.

If I’m lucky, I can fly back and forth, and I can go home to watch the countdown to the Spring Festival Gala.

If I am unlucky, I can only eat instant noodles in a hotel out of town.”

She put the dishes and chopsticks by the stove and whispered: “And I quite like celebrating the New Year with my colleagues in the hotel.”

Otherwise, she will be watching the Spring Festival Gala at home alone.

Si Xiaozhen looked back at her, “But you…”

Her words were not yet finished but Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone rang suddenly.

Her eyes lit up and she immediately wiped her hands and ran out.

The mobile phone vibrated on the coffee table in the living room.

Her hand was faster than her eyes.

Her finger had already swiped the answer button before she noticed that the caller ID was not Fu Mingyu.

Her heart sank suddenly.

“Ruan Ruan, your Auntie will come over for a New Year’s Eve dinner tomorrow night.

Will you come too”

Before Ruan Sixian could answer, Dong Xian added: “I heard that Fu Mingyu is now in Singapore.”

“I am not coming.” Ruan Sixian walked to the window.

While one of her hands held the mobile phone, she raised her other hand to press the window grille that was not firmly posted, “I won’t be in Jiangcheng tomorrow.”


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