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But the main reason why she specifically mentioned the alumni reunion with Fu Mingyu was that Xie Yu called to invite her.

She wonders whether Fu Mingyu still remembers Xie Yu.

But listening to his tone, there is a high probability that he does not remember.

In college, the communication between students was not only between classmates.

For example, Ruan Sixian was close to several senior students who were one year higher than her.

This time, the alumni reunion is more than a classmates reunion, and there are students ranging from three years below her to three years higher than her who will attend.

A few years ago, they also got together once and contacted Ruan Sixian, but at that time she was busy with the holiday flights and couldn’t attend, but this time it happened to catch up with her break.

There were a total of ten people at the table this time.

Except for one or two who were two years older than Ruan Sixian who was not very familiar with her, the rest were classmates and seniors who often played together with her in university.

But because they haven’t seen each other for so many years, they are not as close as before anymore.

Only Xie Yu is better.

They met once last year.

This time, Ruan Sixian is the focus of the party again.

The few girls who were chatting together had a keen sense of smell.

Ruan Sixian had just opened the door, and they all looked at her together.

“You are finally here.

We are just waiting for you!”

Ruan Sixian looked at her wristwatch, and saw that it was ten minutes later than the agreed time.

“Sorry, there’s a traffic jam on the road.”

Who would care about such a trivial matter Before she could sit down, she was already surrounded by everyone and they started talking all at once.

The topic is nothing more than something that happened some time ago.

Several men are still competing to take a picture with her.

Only Xie Yu sat quietly as always, didn’t talk much, and answered a few words from time to time.

After three rounds of drinking, a few men drank too much, opened their coats and leaned back on their chairs, sighing about life emotionally.

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“I still remember that we used to sit and chat on the playground.

Some said they wanted to be the next Yang Zhenning[1], some said they wanted to learn science all their life, and some even said they wanted to change their major to study philosophy.

At that time, Little Ruan also said she wanted to be a pilot, didn’t she To tell you the truth, I secretly laughed at you at that time.

I thought to myself ‘What is she thinking A little girl, born so beautifully, why not live easier but work so hard instead’”

The man turned his head and smiled, “I didn’t expect that in the end, you are the only one who did what you said.”

A woman corrected him: “No.

Xie Yu also did what he said.”

Xie Yu was pouring juice for Ruan Sixian.

After being mentioned, he shook his head and said modestly: “Isn’t the finer the field of study, the harder it is to find a job So I can only continue to stay in school and I even lost my girlfriend.

It is still Little Ruan who is more amazing.”

Several women saw him pouring tea and water for Ruan Sixian tonight, and his diligence is not like in an ordinary classmate’s status, so they looked at each other and coughed twice to remind him.

They didn’t ask Ruan Sixian about her boyfriend during the dinner because they felt that it would be too gossipy, but Xie Yu was really obsessed with scientific research and didn’t even know that the person he is paying attention to already has a boyfriend.

Xie Yu heard the cough, but thought that several women were teasing him, so he didn’t take it to heart and just blushed a little.

Ruan Sixian naturally felt that Xie Yu was different today.

And when she met his eyes several times, she found that the gaze he used when he looked at her was different from before.

There is some appreciation and some admiration in it, the corners of his mouth have always been slightly hooked, and he does not blink his eyes at all.

Ruan Sixian took the cup he handed over, said thank you, and then asked in low voice, “Senior, is your mobile phone still 2G”

“Ah” Xie Yu was stunned, “What”

Ruan Sixian shook her head: “Nothing.”

[1] Yang Zhenning: Chinese theoretical physicist who made significant contributions to statistical mechanics, integrable systems, gauge theory, and both particle physics and condensed matter physics.

Source: Wikipedia.


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