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Chapter 71.2

Before she got home, Ruan Sixian received messages from many friends, all of whom came to ask about the whole story.

Ruan Sixian only got the information from the work group.

She didn’t know whether it was a complete one or not, so she didn’t talk about the details either.

Now that the screen is full of relevant news, she furrowed her brows instead.

She can’t imagine how much pressure is on Fu Mingyu now.

The driver finally drove to the downstairs of her apartment.

When Ruan Sixian got out of the car, her face felt icy.

She looked up and saw that under the beam of the street lamp, there were many tiny snowflakes flying irregularly.

It snowed at this time.

Ruan Sixian tightened her scarf and went upstairs with her head down.

Up to now, more than an hour has passed since the matter has been fermented on the Internet.

Ruan Sixian saw colleagues from other departments in the work group said that they would rush back to work overtime immediately.

Today, Fu Boting convened a meeting in person.

It’s been a long time since he has been in charge of Hengshi Airlines’ affairs.

It can be seen how angry he must have been to intervene at this time.

So Ruan Sixian originally wanted to ask Fu Mingyu about the situation, but considering the current state of the company, she still let it go in the end.

He should not be in the mood to read private messages at this moment.

When she got home, it was still early.

Ruan Sixian sat in her study for a while but couldn’t read a single page of the book.

As soon as her sight falls on the paper, her mind becomes full of messy thoughts instead.

The snow outside the window is getting heavier and heavier, rustling and falling, making the room especially quiet.

It was less than nine o’clock when Ruan Sixian came out of the shower.

She lay on the balcony and looked out through the window.

Many children ran out to play in the snow, and several girls even came out in hats to take pictures.

Although there wasn’t much snow, they were all very happy.

But Ruan Sixian was very upset.

She hasn’t felt this powerlessness for a long time.

She wondered what Fu Mingyu is doing now and what the situation is in front of him, but she can’t do anything.

After thinking for a while, she sent a message to Fu Mingyu.

[Ruan Sixian]: I am going to sleep.

I will go to the aviation doctor for an examination tomorrow morning.

If I have no physical and psychological problems, the flight will be resumed soon.

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As she expected, the other party didn’t reply until she closed her eyes.

But Ruan Sixian didn’t fall asleep completely.

Although her consciousness is not very clear, she can still vaguely hear the sound of falling snow outside.

After an unknown amount of time, Ruan Sixian felt a slight noise in the room when she was half asleep.

She thought the window in the living room wasn’t closed, so she ignored it.

Suddenly, a pair of icy lips covered her, kissing her tightly, prying open her teeth and entering.

Ruan Sixian’s brain was not awake yet.

She swallowed the whimper and her mouth was invaded in an instant.


Her body wakes up faster than her brain.

The moment she opened her eyes, before she could see the person in front of her, she slapped her hand over.

The slapping sound rang through the whole room.

The icy feeling that just hit the palm was soon covered by the burning pain.

It was also at this time that Ruan Sixian stopped.

After a long time, an extremely helpless and powerless voice came from the darkness.

“You hit me again.”

In the dark room, there was only a shallow light that penetrated through the curtains, and Fu Mingyu’s face was half-hidden and could not be seen clearly.

She realized that it was him because she smelled the familiar fir fragrance on him.

——And that familiar touch.

“No…” Ruan Sixian’s hand was still frozen in the air, but her logical thinking was still quite clear at this time.

“Are you a pervert Sneaking into a woman’s room in the middle of the night to steal a kiss.

If this was ancient times, you would have to be soaked in a pig cage already.”


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