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After the plane arrived in Singapore, the passengers who had been waiting at the airport for six hours demanded an apology from the airline, and refused to board the plane after they didn’t receive it.

The passengers from Sydney who were still on the plane were unaware of the off-site situation, and were informed to get off the plane after waiting for two hours in the plane because today’s flight was canceled.

All this happened this afternoon.

Four hours later, the passengers who had been waiting for several hours went to the aviation ground office to inquire, and only then did they know that the flight had taken off half an hour ago.

There were only more than 100 passengers on the plane, and there were still dozens of passengers who had not yet gotten on the plane.

As for these passengers stranded at the airport, some knew that the plane was about to take off at that time, but they still refused to board the plane because their request for an apology was not fulfilled by the airline, while others did not receive the departure notice at all.

The emotions accumulated due to the delay broke out at this moment, and the passengers stranded at the airport were angry and the contradictions intensified.

Among them, an elderly were so angry that the blood pressure rose and fainted at the airport, and a pregnant woman had an early sign of miscarriage because of emotional anxiety and poor blood flow.

The person in charge who rushed to the scene did not deal with the situation in time, and spoke with obvious self-justification instead, which further escalated the conflict.

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Because some passengers were in a hurry to go back to Jiangcheng to attend their daughter’s wedding, such a delay would inevitably lead to them missing the wedding, so in desperation, they knelt down and cried to the person in charge, while the angry passengers on the other side threw the cash compensated by the airline on the person in charge, and other passengers followed suit.

This scene was photographed by other people at the airport and was posted on the Internet, causing heated discussion.

A marketing account immediately published controversial words, provoking the enthusiasm of netizens to comment.

In just over an hour, Hengshi Airlines was at the forefront of public opinion.

Seeing these things, Ruan Sixian finally understood why Fu Boting was so angry.

This year, major airlines have opened up overseas markets one after another.

However, when the market itself is close to maturity, service has become the key point to occupy market share.

This time, due to various incidents caused by the delay of the plane, which finally led to strange events such as a passenger being admitted to the hospital, kneeling, and other bizarre incidents, it completely challenged the service benchmark of Hengshi Airlines in the overseas market.

For airlines, whether it was due to weather or flow control, the delay in taking off is a major test of service.

And when the delay occurred, the staff did not appease the passengers in time and strive to solve their inconvenience instead.

Later, when the matter was completely out of control, the person in charge rushed to the scene but still failed to solve the problem.

The development of this incident from the beginning to the end directly shows the incoordination of internal communication and confusion in the communication mechanism of the Business Department of Hengshi Airline in Singapore.

As for the responsibility of correcting the problem, in Fu Boting’s eyes, Fu Mingyu is the one who bears the brunt.

Since the beginning of last year, Fu Boting handed over the full authority of Hengshi Airlines to Fu Mingyu, relieved most of the pressure off himself and devoted himself to the affairs of the Aviation Financial Leasing Corporation.

Therefore, he will not blame others for this matter.

He will only blame Fu Mingyu for his poor supervision of the overseas business department and too much delegation of authority, which led to such a result.

The occurrence of an accident is a thousand hidden dangers.

For airlines, the occurrence of such a service accident means that there are thousands of hidden troubles behind them.

No one can be sure that there are no security risks in it.

If they really wait until a security risk occurs, then it will be a responsibility that no one can afford.


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