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She was startled and canceled her actions of knocking, and then directly pushed the door open instead and rushed in.

“What happened!”

Fu Mingyu stood in front of the desk with a solemn expression.

Fu Boting’s neck flushed with rare anger, his chest heaved violently, and he glared at Fu Mingyu angrily.

The broken teacup at Fu Mingyu’s feet was obviously smashed by Fu Boting.

There is a time difference in the transmission of information, but the Internet era has greatly shortened this difference.

Shortly after Helan Xiang went upstairs, news also poured into Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone.

However, before she could check them one by one, Helan Xiang came down from the second floor.

Helan Xiang didn’t walk fast.

When she passed the corner of the stairs, she even straightened a branch and leaf in the standing flower pot there.

After sitting back in her seat, under the illumination of the crystal chandelier in the dining room, Helan Xiang’s face looked calm.

She stirred the soup in the bowl with a spoon and asked: “You don’t want to eat anymore”

“I am done.

Please eat slowly, Auntie.”

Ruan Sixian wiped her mouth with a tissue, and then raised her hand to look at her watch.

It seems that this meal will just end here today.

“Something happened at work and it is relatively urgent.

Mingyu has to rush back to the company in a while.” Helan Xiang said, and asked Aunt Luo to bring a bowl of bird’s nest with coconut milk.

“I am really sorry.

If you are not in a hurry, have another drink.

I will have my driver take you home later.”

When the voice fell, Ruan Sixian was about to speak but saw the two people walking out upstairs.

The mansion is large, but it is not empty.

There is a lot of furniture, and the hostess is a person with a style.

There are many kinds of decorations, but they are not crowded.

However, the heavy footsteps of Fu Mingyu and Fu Boting seems as if they are stepping on an empty house.

Fu Boting glanced at the dining room with his restrained solemn eyes, then he took his coat and said: “We have to go to the company together.

You two just eat slowly.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t say anything.

He just walked straight to Ruan Sixian, bowed slightly, and said in a low voice: “I will go first.

You just rest for a while.

Did my Mom say that she will let the driver send you back”

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However, after staying in the study room for more than ten minutes, Fu Mingyu’s expression was no longer as relaxed as before.

Ruan Sixian squeezed his palm, “Okay.”

After Fu Mingyu left, Ruan Sixian naturally didn’t want to stay here and chat with Helan Xiang.

Soon, she got into the car that Helan Xiang arranged for her.

When her mobile phone is turned on again, the chat records of each work group are already 99 .

From beginning to end, it was only half an hour.

When she read the Weibo again, the topic of #Hengshi Airlines’ passenger kneel down# has reached the top three hot searches, not to mention that all kinds of civil aviation consulting apps are all pushing this news.

If it were normal times, the discussion of this matter might not be so high, but it coincided with the popularity of Ruan Sixian’s forced landing a few days ago.

After the interview this afternoon came out, there were a lot of people that gathered around to watch the play because of the nonsense of Li Zhihuai’s fans.

Moreover, this kind of news came out at this time.

So, as soon as the keyword ‘Hengshi Airline’ appeared, the popularity immediately soared.

As for what happened, because the information on the Internet is not accurate, someone in the work group already summarized the overall incident.

The cause was an international flight of Hengshi Airline that took off from Sydney, Australia, passed through Singapore before flying to Jiangcheng.

However, there was a delay of almost six hours in the departure from Sydney.

Flight delay is a normal event, but it has always been a headache for passengers.

For airlines, the biggest difficulty in dealing with delays lies in the emotions of passengers.

However, in the course of this delay, Hengshi Airline’s Business Department in Singapore explained to the waiting passengers that the heavy rain in Sydney caused the flight to be delayed, but the fact is, it did not rain in Sydney.


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