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“Do as you like.”

Two minutes later, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone is much more silent.

There is no more influx of fans with amazing combat power.

They are all as quiet as chickens.

“We are almost there.”

Fu Mingyu said suddenly.

Ruan Sixian immediately put away her mobile phone and sat up straight to tidy up her clothes.

The car drove into Huguang Mansion and slowly stopped at the gate along the rich pine trees.

The Chinese New Year is almost here, and red lanterns are hung on the green plants nearby, which adds a bit of excitement to this solemn winter.

Aunt Luo had been waiting with her ears pricked up, and when she heard the movement outside, she immediately came out and opened the door.

“You have finally arrived.”

Aunt Luo looked at Ruan Sixian, “Is this Miss Ruan”

“Yes.” Fu Mingyu took off his coat and said to Ruan Sixian, “This is Aunt Luo.”

“Hello, Aunt Luo.”

Ruan Sixian followed in and took off her coat.

Aunt Luo immediately stretched out her hand to pick it up.

She was stunned for a moment, not quite used to this kind of service, “No need, thank you.

I will do it myself.”

Aunt Luo smiled at her, took Fu Mingyu’s coat and said again: “Doudou has already been sent to school, and won’t come back until evening.”

Fu Mingyu nodded, “Is the illness cured already”

“It’s already cured some time ago.”

“Doudou” Ruan Sixian was a little confused when she heard it.

“Who is it”

“Doudou…” Fu Mingyu was already loosening his tie.

Hearing her words, he lowered his hand and looked at her seriously, “Oh, I haven’t had time to tell you yet.

Although I am not married, I have a son.

You won’t mind, right”

Ruan Sixian half opened her mouth and her brain quickly crashed.

After two seconds of restarting, she had already figured out the 108 ways to die for Fu Mingyu.

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Where did he get the confidence to ask her if she would mind being a mother

Just by this face


“Fu Mingyu, do you want to die!” Helan Xiang came down from the second floor and heard the conversation between the two.

She hurried over and pulled Ruan Sixian half a meter away from Fu Mingyu.

“Don’t listen to him.

He deliberately teased you.”

Fu Mingyu pulled off his tie and walked towards the living room with a smile on his face.

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath.

She had just been thinking about how many years she would be sentenced to for a murder.

It was cold today.

Aunt Luo had already prepared hot water and brought it over.

Helan Xiang glared at Fu Mingyu and took the cup from Aunt Luo’s hand and handed it to Ruan Sixian.

“Drink some hot water to warm your stomach first.”

“Thank you, Auntie.”

Ruan Sixian took a sip and then heard Helan Xiang say, “Doudou is the dog he has raised for many years, which is no different from his own son.”

Ruan Sixian almost choked to death.

Oh indeed.

Fu Mingyu has a dog that has been raised for many years and that, for him, is no different from having a son.

“Here already”

Fu Boting walked down from the second floor with his hands behind his back.

Fu Mingyu said that his parents wanted to invite her to dinner because of the forced landing incident that day.

But according to Ruan Sixian’s observation, only his father has this idea.

Because he never bypassed the incident and asked for various details, more than the people from the Civil Aviation Administration, which made Helan Xiang become impatient.

She softly coughed a little.

Fu Boting received his signal and didn’t continue on this topic anymore.

But the good thing only lasted for three minutes.

Helan Xiang said that the wind is really strong today and Fu Boting talked about the structure of the atmosphere.

After he talked about the structure of the atmosphere, he continued talking about the theory of lift generation.

After talking about the theory of lift generation, he also talked about airfoil design.

Ruan Sixian felt that this was simply moving the examination room to the dining table!


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