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Ruan Sixian always felt that the atmosphere here was a bit like some place, but she couldn’t remember it for a moment.

“Hello Who is this”

“Miss Ruan, this is Yan’an.”

Oh, Yan’an, President Yan of Beihang, had contacted her with this number some time ago.

“Hello, President Yan.

What can I do for you”

“It’s nothing.

I just want to ask, have you got a report of your flight yet If you haven’t, do you want to think about it again “

When he spoke, it was with a bit of a hooligan’s tone, somewhat between carelessly casual and ridiculing, completely different from Fu Mingyu’s serious and indifferent tone.

It sounds like a joke, so it’s easy to relax with him.

“Unfortunately, I am now in the Personnel Department of Hengshi Airlines, and I have entered the personnel information.

Thank you for your kindness, President Yan.”


Yan’an sighed heavily, “Then Miss Ruan, I’m really curious.

I remember that you were going to sign a contract with us at that time.

Why did you choose the Hengshi Airlines in the end”


When she signed the contract, she specifically counted the decimal points, even up to three times.

Her salary now, just the tax alone has almost caught up with the salary when she was still a flight attendant.

Who wants to have a problem with money

What’s more, half of them are from Fu Mingyu’s account.

Thinking of the way he begged her with money, Ruan Sixian felt that all the cells in her body were comfortable.

Double annual salary, ten times happiness.

But she can’t tell others about that.

What a tasteless thing.


Yan’an then immediately asked out of tune: “What magic potion that Fu Mingyu actually had given to you Did he seduce you with his beauty, huh”

Anyway, the person has been snatched away.

Yan’an doesn’t want to make senseless struggles, but is a bit interested in the woman herself only.

When he spoke, he unconsciously brought a taste of ridicule with him.

Ruan Sixian probably also heard what Yan’an meant, and said with a smile, “What makes President Yan say that”

The person on the other end of the phone was more relaxed and sourly said: “Isn’t it so Fu Mingyu usually uses that face to bluff and deceive others.

There’s a lot of little girls that got into trouble because of it.”

It should be so.

He must feel very handsome every morning when he gets up and looks in the mirror.

The thought inexplicably appeared in her mind about Fu Mingyu looking at the mirror and admiring himself, so Ruan Sixian could not help but wanted to laugh at it.

“As for President Fu, after all, he is a man with striking appearance, a man of virtue, and a man of extraordinary stature…”

In the middle of the speech, she watched the LED screen reflecting a huge group of people, and the one who led them…

But Ruan Sixian’s brain circuit is not broken yet, and her mouth is still boasting about it.

“Refined and cultured, noble and dignified…”

The figures that were behind then stood still, and more than a dozen eyes shot over with one of them burning the most.

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Ruan Sixian’s voice is getting smaller and smaller.


This is not the reunion she had imagined.

Originally, she just wanted to satirize Fu Mingyu with Yan’an, but now she was bumped into by someone.

She could not be sure whether this person would be thinking about her expressing affection or not.

A sharp turn is urgently needed now.

“Casual with elegant bearing, free and unruly——all of these have nothing to do with him.”


In the last sentence, there was a sudden turn, and those who stopped to listen were caught unprepared.

For a moment, they collectively hoped that they were deaf.

They turned around quickly, pretending that they didn’t hear anything and then continued to move forward, but with a slightly stiff step.

On the glass corridor, only Ruan Sixian who was facing the wall and Fu Mingyu who was facing her back, as well as Bai Yang and four assistants who were lowering their head down obediently, were the only one left behind.

In the long glass corridor, it seems that there is a wind blowing.

Ruan Sixian then remembered.

She had thought that it was as cold as a morgue before.

On the phone, Yan’an smiled presumptuously.

“Miss Ruan, you are really telling the truth.

I like your unique vision…”

The conversation in Ruan Sixian’s ear suddenly stopped, and a mechanical female voice came from the receiver: “Please wait a moment, the other party is talking, please don’t hang up.”

At the same time, a male voice sounded from behind her.

“Yan’an, have you been very busy these days”

She doesn’t have to think to know who is talking, but Ruan Sixian didn’t look back.

She first saw the elongated shadow on the ground.

In the sparkling sunlight, he held his cell phone to his ear, forcibly took a step forward, and stood side by side with Ruan Sixian.

But his eyes did not fall on Ruan Sixian, instead, he looked straight out of the window.

There is no temperature in his voice, and there is a subtle feeling that it fit with this glass corridor, “If you have nothing to do, first consider how to deal with the Internet Celebrity you just broke up with that scolded you on Weibo.

Don’t just come and harass my people when you have nothing to do.

Let alone trying to dig the wall.”


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