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Ruan Sixian thought of that scene and felt ashamed.

She wanted to reach out and push him out.

“There’s no next time!”

“Go out.

I want to take a bath.”

But she had almost no strength.

The man in front of her didn’t move but took her into his arms instead.

“Stop moving.

Let me hug for a while.”

No matter how strong he was in bed, he is so gentle now.

Ruan Sixian slowly calmed down.

There always seemed to be a reassuring magic in his embrace.

“Aren’t you going to sleep”

“I will go upstairs to take a shower in a while, and I still have to go to the company in the afternoon.”

He paused and then said again, “There’s a scheduled meeting with the Civil Aviation Administration, and they invited me to have some tea in the afternoon.”

“Then, you are quite good at sticking in a pin wherever there’s room[1].”



After Fu Mingyu left, Ruan Sixian took a bath, but didn’t sleep.

She knew that once she sleeps now, she will only wake up at night and it will be difficult to adjust the time difference at that time.

But it’s hard to be idle and doing nothing too.

She has to find something to do.

It’s best to go out and walk around so that she won’t fall asleep.

Si Xiaozhen is at work today and can’t leave.

Bian Xuan worried all night last night.

After learning that Ruan Sixian was safe, it was still difficult to calm down.

She even didn’t open the bar, but she was accustomed to the upside-down routine and didn’t fall asleep at night, and is making up for her sleep at this time.

And all kinds of messages kept pouring into her phone, all related to yesterday’s events.

She really didn’t have the energy to reply one by one, so she just turned off the notification sounds.

Ruan Sixian sat on the sofa for a while, not knowing who to look for.

If it wasn’t for being too tired from the tossing, she would go to the gym for a run.

But a few minutes later, someone took the initiative to find her.

[Zheng You’an]: Elder Sister, are you awake

[Ruan Sixian]:

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[Ruan Sixian]: Your last name is Zheng and my last name is Ruan.

[Ruan Sixian]: Who’s your elder sister

[Zheng You’an]: Don’t get me wrong.

I am not trying to do something fraudulent.

[Zheng You’an]: It’s just an honorary title.

[Zheng You’an]: Elder Sister, you are awesome [thumbs up].

Ruan Sixian lay down, propped up on her pillow and then typed slowly.

[Ruan Sixian]: What are you looking for me for

[Zheng You’an]: Do I have the honor to have lunch with you

If it wasn’t because she is too sleepy and couldn’t find anyone to eat with, Ruan Sixian really didn’t want to come to this sweet restaurant with Zheng You’an.

Moreover, she herself was haggard, and the person opposite her had exquisite makeup and looked bright instead.

The contrast is so obvious.

It is fine if it was only the obvious contrast, but the other party still has to take a group photo with the mobile phone.

When she suddenly came over and raised her arm with the mobile phone, Ruan Sixian didn’t have time to refuse.

At the moment when she saw the camera, her conditional reflex was to immediately show an eight-toothed smile.

With a clicking sound, Zheng You’an sat back with satisfaction and poked her finger on the screen.

Ruan Sixian said: “Let me see.”

Zheng You’an handed her the mobile phone.


Although haggard, but still beautiful.

After returning her mobile phone, Ruan Sixian asked: “Why are you taking pictures all of a sudden”

“To send it to my circle of friends to show off.”

Zheng You’an said righteously, but the tone, the wording, was just right to please Ruan Sixian.

Ruan Sixian took a sip of juice and said calmly: “Be low-profile.

There’s nothing to show off about it anyway.”

Zheng You’an said while retouching the picture:  “Other people’s circle of friends forwarded a link, but I can directly send a group photo.

The group photo represents that I know you and can have lunch with you at the first time.

Isn’t this worth showing off”

Ruan Sixian covered her mouth and coughed.

“It’s just that, I can’t find friends to eat with today.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter.

No one else knows anyway.”


Really a magnanimously vain glory.

[1] Stick in a pin wherever there’s room: Metaphors make the best use of every available space, time, or opportunity.


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