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“Then, we had to register the child’s name but we couldn’t think of any name for a while.

There happened to be a pile of letters under the pillow which was bumped into a mess by those several old ladies nearby.

They picked it up and looked at it, then said that this one is good.

It is meaningful.

So it was taken just like that.”

Fu Mingyu smiled.

“It sounds good.”

He sat opposite Dong Jing, with a table in the middle, and stretched out his hand to add hot water for her.

“And later.”

He pointed to the glass corridor opposite.

Ruan Sixian is really busy at the moment.

The media hasn’t left yet, and various departments are waiting for her and the whole crew to report the details, so she left without saying a few words to Dong Xian.

Dong Xian didn’t force her to stay either.

She just wants to confirm Ruan Sixian’s safety.

She returned to the waiting area outside Fu Mingyu’s office.

Her steps were light, and the two of them didn’t notice her approaching.

“I don’t know why she can’t accept her parents’ divorce so much.

Maybe she is a very stubborn person, but her mom was really busy in those years, and she couldn’t take care of her at all.

So she became even more sad and didn’t want to meet that much with her mom.

When she got to University, she was able to work and earn money by herself, and she often didn’t even answer the phone.

These things are always beyond Dong Jing’s comprehension, but after so many years, she is too lazy to try to understand it anymore.

Seeing Dong Xian approaching in the mirror, she finished drinking the water in the cup, stood up and said: “I talked a lot today, but it’s mainly because I was scared.

She was almost gone and my heart was panicking.”

“It’s not easy for a little girl to stumble and grow up alone by herself.

She works part-time to earn living expenses and also to repay tuition loans.

She doesn’t even want to accept any money from us.

Now her relationship with her mom is so cold and she has also lost her dad.

No one knows what her situation will be in the future either.

Remember to be nice to her.

Fu Mingyu stood for a long time without moving, seemingly watching the two leave, but his heart was shaking.

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“It’s not easy for a little girl to stumble and grow up alone by herself…”

“Stumble and grow up alone by herself…”

“Stumble and grow up…”

Dong Jing’s words lingered in his mind for a long time like the sound of tinnitus.

Ruan Sixian was not able to leave until six o’clock the next morning.

Fu Mingyu was half an hour later than her.

When the two of them entered the parking lot, it was still dark and it rained continuously.

Ruan Sixian got in the car and took out her mobile phone to look at it without raising her head and looking at something on the screen.

Fu Mingyu leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes to rest his mind.

Inside the car, it was warm and quiet, with the sound of his shallow breathing beside her.

Ruan Sixian glanced at him sideways, and found that his eyebrows were still frowning.

“You can’t even relax when you sleep.”

She reached out to smooth his eyebrows, but just as she touched his skin, he grabbed her hands.

Fu Mingyu opened his eyes and said: “What’s wrong”

Ruan Sixian ignored him and looked down at her mobile phone again.

Fu Mingyu took her hand and slowly put it on his lap.

Then he turned the palm over, inserted his five fingers between her fingers and held it tightly.

His grip was so hard that it made Ruan Sixian feel uncomfortable.

She tried to pull out her hand, but was squeezed even tighter by the other party.

“Are you a pervert” Ruan Sixian said, “If you still don’t want to let go, I will shout for help.”

After speaking, she turned his head to look at him, met his eyes, and quickly looked away again.

Ruan Sixian felt that this person’s eyes had magic power, like a vortex.

They could suck people into them and when they looked at them, they would be confused.

She continued to look at her mobile phone.

The #Hengshi Airlines 29345 landed safely# has been in the top three searches from last night to this morning.

The reason why everyone pays special attention to aviation information is also due to the popularity of a certain movie.


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