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Less than ten minutes after landing, the aviation news flooded the sky.

Because of the release of a relevant movie, the aviation accident received unprecedented attention, and this incident immediately boarded the hot search.

However, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu didn’t have time to take care of these.

They were destined to be too busy this evening.

When Yan’an got the news, he wanted to come and see the situation, but due to the stinky face Fu Mingyu always put on him, he thought of letting it go instead.

Better go home and watch the news.

When Fu Mingyu finally had time to look at the missed calls on his mobile phone, in addition to the calls from his family, there were twelve calls from Dong Xian.

He was considering whether to call back when his assistant called and said that Dong Xian and Dong Jing were both here.

“Okay.” Fu Mingyu said, “Let them in in five minutes.”

He went to change into clean clothes and tidy up his hair.

The door of the office opened automatically and the two sisters, Dong Xian and Dong Jing, walked in impatiently.

“Where’s Ruan Ruan!” Dong Xian looked around.

“Where is she”

It was the first time that Fu Mingyu saw Dong Xian’s appearance like this.

Not only did she not have a dignified expression, but there were actually colorful paints on her clothes.

Fu Yuming walked up to her and said calmly: “Auntie, don’t worry.

She is fine.

Now she is under investigation by the Civil Aviation Administration.”

After he finished speaking, he raised his hand to her and motioned her to sit on the sofa.

Even when Dong Xian finally sat down, she was not at ease.

“I was in the studio tonight, but the paint tray suddenly overturned.”

She said intermittently in neither a loud nor soft voice, “Then someone told me about today’s news.

Before I read it, my heart suddenly became abnormal.

I suddenly had the feeling that she was on that plane.”

She bent over and covered her forehead.

“I knew it was her.”

Dong Jing sat beside her and patted her on the back.

“Isn’t Ruan Ruan all right now Don’t worry anymore.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at his watch.

At the same time, calls from various departments were being forwarded all the time.

Bo Yang and other assistants stood outside waiting for orders.

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Seeing that Fu Mingyu was very busy, Dong Xian didn’t want to continue bothering him anymore.

“Let’s wait outside.”

At this time, the entire building of Hengshi Airlines is as busy as the Spring Festival.

Every floor and every workshop are full of people.

It was a night of collective overtime, and the PR department was especially busy.

It took three full hours for Ruan Sixian to come out of the conference room, and her ears were filled with all kinds of voices.

She also has to rush to the flight department to submit a report, during which she caught a person and asked about the situation of the captain.

“Fortunately, there’s no big problem.

Vasovagal syncope, probably due to fatigue and the accumulation of various chronic diseases.

The aviation doctor also has his records, but this kind of thing really happened too suddenly.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t quite understand this academic term.

She only remembered that the captain was only dizzy for a while at first, and then his face gradually turned pale.

After that, he couldn’t see the dashboard clearly, his hearing also decreased, and he began to feel nauseated and sweaty at the same time.

Before he fainted, Ruan Sixian thought he had some serious illness.

Later, seeing him close his eyes, she almost thought something serious had happened.

“Then, will he be able to continue flying in the future”

Ruan Sixian asked.

“It’s fine after recovery, but it will be included in the list of key medical examinations in the future.”

The person said that and then left in a hurry.

Ruan Sixian continued to walk towards the office, during which she took out her mobile phone and replied to Si Xiaozhen and Bian Xuan’s messages.

Because her name appeared directly in subsequent news reports, hundreds of messages flooded into her WeChat all at once.

She didn’t have time to reply one by one so she could only post in the circle of friends to report her safety.

After exiting WeChat, she looked at the missed calls’ record on her mobile phone.

Among the dozens of missed calls there, more than a dozen were from Dong Xian.

After thinking about it, she decided to call her back.


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