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After more than an hour of high tension, her brain relaxed.

Ruan Sixian didn’t raise her arms to hug him but just leaned very tightly like that in his arms.

A false alarm is the most exhausting.

At this time, there is such a person whose arms are only for her, it fills her heart and washes away all the fears in it.

After quietly hugging for a long time, Ruan Sixian finally patted him on the back.

“Capitalist, you have to give me a raise.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to hear what she said, and rubbed his palm lightly on her back.

After a long time, he said: “I am all yours already.

What kind of salary do you still need”

“Even the biological brothers still know how to settle accounts clearly.” Ruan Sixian hammered his back with her hand, “Do you want to give me a raise or not”

Fu Mingyu let go of her, “Close your eyes.”

Ruan Sixian looked at him suspiciously, but she was probably confused by his face and closed her eyes obediently.

And get herself ready for a hot kiss.

A second later, her eyes are pasted with warmth.

After a romantic stay, she heard Fu Mingyu say: “Let’s go.

The people from the Civil Aviation Administration are here.”


It was probably too thrilling today.

With such a shallow kiss, Ruan Sixian was a little confused and just got off the plane like that.

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She even forgot to keep making reasonable demands for salary increases!

By this time, the ambulance had already left and the passengers came out one after another.

Ni Tong and the flight attendants who had been sitting in the cockpit had already recovered their expressions, standing at the door of the cabin and seeing them off one by one.

“Please walk slowly and take your belongings with you.

We wish you a pleasant journey.”

They wear exquisite makeup and uniforms, dignified and gentle.

Among the passengers who walked out one by one, some would smile back, some would walk down the stairs without raising their heads at all, but no one knew what they had just experienced.

When Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu got on the crew bus, the first shuttle bus also drove over.

Some people pulled their suitcase violently because of the delay in landing.

Some people rushed into the shuttle bus while putting the clothes they brought above their head because of the heavy rain.

Only a few people saw the fire trucks next to them and showed a little doubt, but they didn’t think much and ran to the shuttle bus quickly.

They just felt that the landing was unstable and bumpy, but they didn’t know that within a few seconds, they had just passed by the God of Death.

After entering the operation building, a prepared conference room is opened for the personnel and crew of the Civil Aviation Administration.

Fu Mingyu didn’t go in.

He still had more things to do.

But when the door of the conference room was closed, he didn’t leave immediately.

He stood against the cold wall for a long time, listening to the either tense or soothing conversation inside.

The real fear slowly swept through his heart at this time.

If she panicked at that time, if she missed that second——

Fu Mingyu dared not imagine the consequences.

Whether it was a major accident in which the plane crashed and people died, or this woman disappeared from his life.

Until he saw the plane parked firmly on the apron and the dust settled, something burst out in his heart along with the cheers around him.

He once had a strong desire to conquer and explore, and also have the most primitive sexual attraction for this smart and beautiful woman.

This is the most common cause for love.

However, these things were thrown out of his mind the moment he saw her walk out of the cockpit completely, and it was replaced by a feeling of soreness that filled his heart instead.

It’s like seeing the General in the history books when he was a child, and like seeing a monarch at the top of the world when he was a teenager.

The change in his heart was strong and clear.

She was scorched into his heart with a fiery fire, hot and deep.

He thought that he won’t be able to run away anymore in this life.

Surrender to her, but he wants to have her forever all the more.


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