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LOMH Chapter 65.2

The sound of rain in his ears seems to come from near but also seems to come from far away.

Fu Mingyu kept silent and stared at the runway ahead.

His whole body exudes a very gloomy atmosphere.

Other people in the crew bus dare not get close to him and Bo Yang, who was beside him, doesn’t even dare to let out a heavy breathing sound.

If it weren’t for the lights flashing outside and the people walking around, Bo Yang even had the feeling that time was frozen.

The wrist watch in his hand moves minute by minute.

After an unknown amount of time, Bo Yang’s eyes lit up, “It landed!”

Fu Mingyu’s eyes were deep and serene.

He didn’t speak and his eyes closely followed the flashing light in front of him.

However, in the next second, Bo Yang glanced at the real-time information sent from his mobile phone and said again: “But now it is seriously off the runway!”

Because of the strong crosswind, the indicator lights at both ends of the plane and the runway deviate greatly, and the plane is not on the centerline of the runway at all.

If this continues, the plane is likely to skid off the runway.

The flight attendant’s heart was beating so fast.

She grabbed the armrest tightly, and bursts of sweat broke out from her palms, but she calmed down inexplicably when she saw Ruan Sixian’s appearance.

“Need help” She saw Ruan Sixian desperately stepping on the rudder pedal, trying to change the direction of the plane by controlling the rudder on the vertical tail.

However, compared with flying in the air, the speed of the ground taxiing is much lower.

Ruan Sixian used her feet and both hands to operate the reverse push rod and front wheel steering control rod.

It was obviously very strange, but she didn’t look even slightly embarrassed at all.

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“Deflect the aileron to the right maximum.” Ruan Sixian opened her mouth, and her voice was colder than usual.

“The first one in the second row of the main instrument panel.

Don’t panic.”

The flight attendant was sitting next to the captain, and the delicate and beautiful girl touched the dashboard for the first time.

Although she was nervous, her body control was excellent, and she did not even tremble.

“Is this alright”

She asked.

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak.

The flight attendant turned around and saw that the indicator light was almost parallel to the fuselage, and she was slightly relieved.

Even Yan’an came to the airport after hearing the news.

He braved the rain and walked into Fu Mingyu’s crew bus, patted the rain on his body and said, “What’s the situation now”

“The plane has returned to the center line.” As calm as Bo Yang, his voice was also a little flustered at the moment, “But the plane did not continue to slow down because of the water on the ground and the tire skidded.”

“Sh*t… a seaplane!” Yan’an was stunned, his hands were frozen in the air, and his whole body suddenly became cold.

The fire trucks and ambulances were all in place.

The approach lights are still bright in the rain and all the red flashing lights in front of them are reflected in Fu Mingyu’s pupils.

Seeing him like this, Yan’an opened his mouth halfway and said with a small voice: “Is she on the plane”

Fu Mingyu still didn’t say a word and only stared straight ahead.

Under the navigation lights, he could faintly see the fast taxiing plane.

Yan’an holds his breath.

The air pressure in the crew bus was already tight enough that it couldn’t be tighter anymore.

On the shuttle bus on the other side, the two brother and sister, Jin Ya and Jin Xuan, were as quiet as the crowd.

“How about we just cancel our trip today” Jin Xuan whispered, “The weather is too terrible today.”

“Can we still leave now We are already on the shuttle bus now.” Jin Ya’s palms were sweating.

Because there were not many people in the first-class shuttle bus, there was space for her to pace back and forth.

She bit her lower lip from time to time and her heart almost jumped to her throat.

“If I were on that plane, I would be scared to death.

If the captain was suddenly incapitated, then wouldn’t the plane just rush around blindly!”

After she finished speaking, she took out her mobile phone to read the news again, “It’s been so long but why hasn’t the news of the successful landing come out Or did something happen Wuwuwuwu I don’t want to take a plane anymore.”

“Stop making noises!”

A female passenger in the back couldn’t stand Jin Ya’s panic anymore.

She rolled her white eyes at her and said: “Even if something happened to the captain, isn’t there still a co-pilot! What kind of transportation hasn’t had an accident yet Isn’t this still waiting for news What are you mourning for, huh People can be safe and sound even in a typhoon.

What are you panicking about here Really too much.

You can just scream in here.

Are you not afraid that you will scare the children on the bus”


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