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Helan Xiang turned around, glanced at Ruan Sixian, and said: “Oh, they also don’t believe that the necklace you gave is a real one.

It’s really insulting.”

Fu Mingyu: “Really What’s a necklace for me anyway If she likes it, even the planes on the entire apron can be given to her.”

Helan Xiang suddenly opened her eyes wide.

Did I agree

Giving it to Ruan Sixian means that Dong Xian will own half of their family’s planes in the future.

Helan Xiang can’t accept it.

She’s a stingy person.

So she touched her eyes with the back of her hand, “Forget it.

I am cold, so I am going back.”

After speaking, she walked out of the smoking area and walked to the banquet hall.

“Auntie, what do you mean forget it I don’t want to let it go like this!”

Yan’an was already in a bad mood today, and he was even more furious now after hearing all those things.

Although he usually didn’t get along well with Fu Mingyu, Helan Xiang was still the elder who watched him grow up and he couldn’t tolerate the lies fabricated by these people from behind.

Besides, these are the friends only for wining and dining together with him, not in case of need.

He invited them to come to today’s banquet just for the liveliness.

Young people can bring the lively atmosphere, and his father, who is already old, likes the lively scene more now.

Who knows that these people are trying to find trouble for him behind his back.

When Yan’an looked back, he saw that Helan Xiang had walked away desolately.

Then he looked at those several people in front of him again.

The dissatisfaction that he had accumulated for a long time all came out as he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, telling himself that today was his father’s birthday banquet and he could not make trouble.

Seeing that Helan Xiang had left, several people wanted to open their mouths to explain.

Yan’an raised his hand, gesturing them to shut up, then closed his eyes and said: “All of you, get out by yourself now.

Don’t force me to ask someone to do it.”

After he finished speaking, he hurried to catch up to coax Helan Xiang.

The remaining few people who he left behind, had just stepped out of the small pavilion and directly met Fu Mingyu’s gaze again.

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak.

When he turned around, his eyes swept over them lightly, with snow and ice in his eyes.

Although he didn’t speak, he still made them feel like they were in an ice cellar.

“Let’s go.” He took Ruan Sixian’s hand and said nothing else.

Ruan Sixian looked back at the few people who wanted to leave but didn’t dare to go forward.

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Whether it is worthy or not, only I have the final say.

Returning to the banquet hall, Ruan Sixian saw at a glance that Yan’an was sitting next to Helan Xiang.

He leaned to her side and talked with a smile on his face, handing over snacks, and taking the initiative to pick up drinks.

On the contrary, he was more like her biological son than Fu Mingyu.

More than half an hour passed, and those few people did not appear again.

Ruan Sixian took a sip of wine and looked around: “Where are those people Why haven’t I seen them leave”

“They leave from the back.” Fu Mingyu took her glass away.

“This wine is very strong.”

Ruan Sixian suddenly felt a little dizzy.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier I drank a lot just now.”

“Is it my fault again”

Fu Mingyu took a sip from her glass.

“I think you had a good time drinking just now.”

He lowered his eyes to look at her, “Why You can’t drink anymore”

“It’s just a glass of wine.

Not at all.” Ruan Sixian quietly supported the table with her hand.

She didn’t know that her drunkenness had crept up to her face.

Her cheeks were flushed and her eyes were like being covered with a layer of water, and it sparkled.

“But this is delicious.” She reached for the glass again, this time Fu Mingyu didn’t look at her, “I thought it was champagne.”

“Whatever you want.”

Towards the end of the banquet, Dong Xian finally found the opportunity to bring Zheng Taichu over to formally meet Ruan Sixian.

She has never spoken much, and Zheng Taichu was also a man of few words.

During the whole process, she was polite and said a few words, but she didn’t have much to say.

It’s just that Ruan Sixian looked at Zheng Taichu, who was tall and straight, and always felt that he couldn’t match the person in her memory.

When they were leaving, a cold wind blew when they were walking out of the banquet hall.

Ruan Sixian’s hair was raised and she couldn’t help shivering.

Helan Xiang and her husband were standing on the side.

She glanced at Ruan Sixian and stuffed Ruan Sixian with her shawl.

“We will go home first.” She didn’t give Ruan Sixian the chance to refuse.

She took her husband into the car, closed the door, leaned out and waved, “You guys also rest early.”

Ruan Sixian took this shawl and her senses didn’t return to her for a while.

Fu Mingyu took it, wrapped it around her neck and led her into the car.


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