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The matter with the Zheng family was originally settled yesterday, and Yan’an has also done various psychological constructions, but at this time his father didn’t treat him as a human being, which was too much for him.

But before he could say anything, a voice sounded beside him.

“Uncle, don’t get the partner wrong.”

Fu Mingyu walked over from behind, and the wine glass in his hand was almost bottomed out.

“It doesn’t matter what Yan’an thinks.

What matters is that Ruan Sixian is my person.”

Fu Mingyu shook his glass and glanced at Yan’an.

“It’s useless even if others think more.”

Yan’an: “…”


I didn’t even say anything.

At the same time, Ruan Sixian was walking towards the bathroom according to the sign.

There is no bathroom in the main hall of the banquet hall.

To get there, one has to go through a quiet corridor.

The floor was covered with a soft carpet that swallowed up all the footsteps’ sound.

But some whispers are amplified by the design of the corridor.

Ruan Sixian slowed down because she seemed to hear someone talking about her.

The left front of the corridor extends out to attract guests.

At this time, there is a smell of smoke that came from the distance.

“What’s the background of that person I’ve never heard of that person.”

“Isn’t she the female pilot mentioned in Hengshi Airlines’ official blog some time ago I heard she used to be a flight attendant”

“Really A flight attendant again”

“What am I lying to you for Go and ask the people in Hengshi Airlines then.

They all know.”

“It’s really a flight attendant again.

Isn’t his older brother also engaged to a flight attendant before The two brothers really like this kind of style.”

“Their figure is good and their skin is also really fair.

Who doesn’t like it”

“What’s the use of being pretty They still won’t be able to pass that ‘checkpoint’ at home, right”

The ones chatting in front just now are two men, and a woman’s voice suddenly came in.

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“It’s said that at that time, the eldest son was already engaged.

When the mother said that she didn’t agree with it, she just really meant it.

It’s said that she just disliked the background of the woman that her son chose.

Her attitude was more determined than that of CEO Fu.

In the end, they didn’t get married.

Her son was so angry that he stayed abroad for more than half a year and didn’t go home at all.

She would rather not see her son than give way.

What a firm attitude.”

“That’s right.

Who is Mrs.

Fu At that time when CEO Fu had a car accident, laying in the hospital for several months with his life hanging on the line while their two children were still studying, she personally took charge in the major competition arena and tore up several shareholders of Hengshi Airlines who were eager to make a move.

It’s just that she has not asked about Hengshi Airlines’ affairs because she was engaged in art these years.

But this does not mean that she doesn’t care about family’s affairs at all.”

“But did you see the necklace hanging around her neck Lester gave it to Mrs.

Fu a few days ago and Mrs.

Fu liked it very much.

Now she even gave it to her.

Maybe it’s what Mrs.

Fu wants.”

Ruan Sixian reached for the pendant of the necklace on her chest.

Fu Mingyu robbed this from his mother

That’s quite like a thing he would do.

“Pfft——you are quite naive.

There is only one necklace in the world, but imitations are flying all over the sky.

Now, what kind of jewelry store does not have an exactly alike one Nine out of ten women on the street have the same style.”

“Maybe Mrs.

Fu is sneering in her heart thinking ‘What kind of stuff is that Where does this little b*tch[1] who is wearing a pirated product come from Dares to show off in front of this old lady’.”

“So I say, it’s much more difficult to pass this checkpoint of Mrs.


“It’s not that there’s no way out at all either.”


“Hurry up and put one in your stomach.


Fu is old, and when she reaches the age of succumbing to her grandson, she might nod her head.”

Several people immediately burst into laughter.

Ruan Sixian narrowed her eyes and felt that the smell of smoke was a little choking.

She lowered her head and straightened her skirt, then brushed her hair twice, raised her eyes slowly and looked in that direction coldly.

It’s just that when she was about to take a step forward, she was patted on the shoulder.

Ruan Sixian looked back and wondered since when did Helan Xiang stand behind her.

It was cold outside so Helan Xiang wrapped a tassel shawl when she came out.

She lifted her shawl up, raised her chin and strode towards the smoking area.

The tassels on her shawl were shaken out by her into the momentum of cutting hell with a hundred thousand banners.

[1] they said b*tch in English.


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