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In all her life in this world, what kind of big events that Helan Xiang has never seen

She went abroad to study alone at the age of fourteen, married at the age of twenty-five and had a child, accompanied her husband through storms and stresses together, and went through all the hardships to build today’s glory.

But she didn’t feel that there was any scene more difficult than now.

The gear called ‘fate’ seemed to run over her like galloping, without even stepping on the brake.

After it flattened her over, it left proudly by itself, not forgetting to stuff her with its exhaust gas too.

The exhaust gas blurred her vision, and she felt that even the diamond necklace on Ruan Sixian’s neck didn’t look flashy anymore.

“It turns out that this is your daughter too.” Helan Xiang seemed to have seen a lock, which was firmly locked on her and Dong Xian.

She couldn’t break it no matter how.

“No wonder she is so beautiful.”

When seen from some angles, she looks exactly the same as Dong Xian.

After speaking, she looked at Fu Mingyu again.

Her eyes were misty, “Your eyesight is really good.”

Fu Mingyu answered the compliment with a smile.

The banquet hall is brightly lit.

The music and the sound of clinking glasses complement each other.

It’s flashy all around.

No one understands the suffering of Helan Xiang.

No one.

Compared to Helan Xiang, Dong Xian feels happy at the bottom of her heart.

She hadn’t seen Ruan Sixian smile at her for a long time already.

Although she knew that Ruan Sixian was only smiling politely in public.

“I didn’t expect you to be here too today.” Dong Xian stepped forward and stretched out a hand, “You haven’t seen Uncle Zheng, have you He’s here today, too.

Do you want to go see him”

Helan Xiang, who was self-pitying herself on the side, was stunned when she heard this sentence.

She looked up at Ruan Sixian.

However, before Ruan Sixian could speak, Fu Mingyu leaned slightly and blocked half of Ruan Sixian’s face, “Auntie, we will go greet Uncle Yan first.

How about I accompany her to go there later”

Dong Xian slowly retracted her hand that had stopped in mid-air, and nodded hesitantly, “Okay.”

Fu Mingyu’s every move made her feel as if he was declaring ownership to her and isolating her.

Dong Jing can naturally feel this kind of feeling too.

She glanced at Fu Mingyu without leaving a trace, and then said: “Okay.

We will go first then.”

Only then did Ruan Sixian smile, “Yeah.

We will be there in a while.”

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Dong Jing nodded, smiled and left with Dong Xian.

Watching the two sisters leave, Helan Xiang looked at Ruan Sixian with more probing eyes.

Why does she feel that Ruan Sixian’s attitude towards this ‘mother’ of hers is so polite to the point of being a little bit alienated

Helan Xiang straightened her hair and looked towards Dong Xian’s back again.

She has known Dong Xian for many years, and she had heard that Dong Xian has a biological daughter which was born from the marriage with her ex-husband, but Helan Xiang herself has never seen her.

It’s fine if it’s her who is an outsider that hasn’t seen that daughter, but even Dong Xian’s current husband has never seen that daughter.

It’s a little unreasonable.

Just now, she inadvertently seemed to have seen Ruan Sixian, whose face was half hidden behind Fu Mingyu’s shoulder, imperceptibly pouting her lips.

After Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian left, Helan Xiang touched her husband’s elbow.

“Don’t you think it’s a little strange I think that Mrs.

Zheng has a very mediocre relationship with this daughter of hers.”

Fu Boyan said faintly: “You just noticed it now”

Everyone present had heard of Dong Xian’s life experience.

The daughter born to her ex-husband has never appeared in public with her.

So, their relationship can be guessed.

And Helan Xiang is more sensitive than Fu Boyan thought.

She is naturally sentimental and is good at adding drama to herself and the people around her.

From the brief dialogue between Ruan Sixian and Dong Xian just now, it could be felt that the former unilaterally resists the latter more.

Helan Xiang suddenly gave herself a brain tonic.

I! Am! Not! The! Only! One!

When Fu Mingyu took Ruan Sixian over, Yan’an was no longer there.

After the two briefly greeted Yan’an’s father, the birthday star exchanged a few greetings with them while looking at Ruan Sixian quietly, and then was called elsewhere by his wife.


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