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Helan Xiang and Fu Boyan arrived earlier.

The music in the banquet hall had already sounded, and Helan Xiang looked around calmly with a glass of champagne in her hand.

“Zheng Taichu has been talking to Yan’an for nearly 20 minutes with her daughter by his side.

Does he have another idea again”

Fu Boyan followed his wife’s gaze.

“The situation is getting more and more serious.

He has begun to grasp the last straw.”

“Oh.” Helan Xiang said again, “Didn’t he dislike Yan’an”

“What else can he do” Fu Boyan said, “Your son announces that he has a girlfriend in such a high-profile manner.

Can he keep trying to please your son then”

“But he can’t push his daughter into the fire pit either.

Although in my opinion that child Yan’an is good in everything, it just can’t turn over a new leaf.

He is already so old though.”

“Does he still have a choice now” Fu Boyan glanced at her, “If you feel pity, you can help him.

Don’t you still have another unmarried son”

“Don’t! He is abroad but you still won’t even let go of him.

Are you still his biological father” Helan Xiang twitched the corners of her mouth and glanced at Dong Xian, who was at another place.

“And who wants to be in-law with her She makes me feel uncomfortable everyday.

Fortunately, our Mingy already has a girlfriend now.

I have to thank her well, or maybe the Zheng family will come up and paste themselves against us again now.

By the way, he will bring his girlfriend later.

You can take away your dead appearance and don’t scare the girl away.”

Fu Boyan smiled.

Helan Xiang glanced at him, made a ‘tsk’ sound and then said, “Forget it, you’d better not smile.

Hey, they seem to be here!”

The couple looked over there in unison.

Two waiters wearing fishtail suits pushed open the door of the banquet hall.

Under the shining chandeliers, Fu Mingyu was walking towards them.

And the woman who was holding him was wrapped in a red dress with a rippling fishtail.

The exposed legs were slender and fair, and stepped steadily on a pair of stiletto heels.

Although her front side can’t be seen from this angle, Helan Xiang already gave 100 points in her heart.

With such a figure and temperament, how bad can the face be

Helan Xiang took Fu Boyan’s hand and supported her forehead.

“Well, I want to keep a low profile when I’m older, but someone insists on earning me a face.

What should I do then I don’t want to be envied in every aspect.

It’s bad if it attracts others’ jealousy.”

Fu Boyan sighed and turned silent habitually.

Helan Xiang could notice Fu Mingyu and the female companion he brought, naturally others would not overlook it too.

For a moment, gazes were focused on them one after another.

Dong Xian senses the change in the banquet hall and turns to look.

“Ruan Ruan” Dong Jing was beside her and was surprised when she saw this, “So this is her boyfriend”

Ruan Sixian held Fu Mingyu’s arm with a decent smile on the corner of her mouth, but her fingers couldn’t help pinching him.

“You didn’t tell me your parents were here.”

“I wanted to tell you last night, but didn’t you hang up on me because you are in a hurry to buy clothes” Fu Mingyu looked at her sideways.

“Are you nervous”

Can she not be nervous

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Ruan Sixian never expected to see Fu Mingyu’s parents so soon.

And it’s still in such an occasion.

She looked down at her own clothes and whispered: “If you said it earlier, I wouldn’t wear this.”

Before Fu Mingyu could speak, Helan Xiang already stood in front of them while holding Fu Boyan.

She tilted her head and looked at Ruan Sixian without concealment.

“Dad, mom.” Fu Mingyu loosened Ruan Sixian’s hand and shook it instead.

“This is Ruan Sixian.”

Ruan Sixian immediately picked up: “Hello, Uncle and Auntie.”

Helan Xiang nodded with satisfaction: “I’ve heard about you for a long time already but seeing the real person today, it looks better than the pictures.

Are you cold on the road Do you want to drink some hot water”

“I am not cold.” As Ruan Sixian spoke, the corners of her eyes caught a glimpse of two figures coming towards her.

She holds Fu Mingyu’s hand to add some strength for herself, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Helan Xiang looked at Ruan Sixian with a smile, and the more she looked, the more satisfied she became.

At the same time, Dong Xian and Dong Jing also came over.

Helan Xiang glanced at them and said with a smile, “I just told Mingyu to come over and say hello to you.

Come, let me introduce to you.

This is Mingyu’s girlfriend, Ruan Sixian.”


Ruan Sixian first nodded to Dong Jing, who was a little shocked, “Auntie.”

Helan Xiang’s smile suddenly stiffened.

Wait, who is she calling auntie

Does Dong Jing still have another biological sister

Ruan Sixian slowly looked at Dong Xian, still with a smile on her face, “Mom.”

Helan Xiang: “…”

She grabbed her husband’s hand who was beside her and almost lost her footing.

TN : The auntie for DJ (姨媽) means maternal aunt and the auntie for HLX (阿姨) means just aunt (form of address for a woman of one’s parents’ generation).


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