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Ruan Sixian thought of the way he called ‘baby’ in her ear just now and the fire instantly burned to her face.

She immediately threw the jacket onto his head.

“Do your own things in the future!”

Fu Mingyu was somewhat inexplicable and pretended not to understand Ruan Sixian’s words.

He took down his jacket from his head, put it on the crook of his arm, and stepped forward to brush Ruan Sixian’s head.


I’ll go back to the company then.” He lowered his head to look at Ruan Sixian.

“Rest early.

You look quite tired.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Whose fault is this! Whose fault is this!

After Fu Mingyu left, Ruan Sixian returned to the dining room to clean up the table.

Just as she started to clean, she heard a ‘pop’ sound, and saw a bowl fall on the table and even rolled twice.

Ruan Sixian responded swiftly and quickly.

She immediately bent down to catch it to prevent the loss of a bowl.

However, after she caught it, she closed her eyes and felt helpless.

Suddenly, there was a feeling that the 50kg arm push had been done in vain.

After washing the dishes and returning to the study, Ruan Sixian took out the exam materials, put on her headphones and got ready to prepare for the exam with a clear heart and little desire.

But when doing the questions, she found that the words she wrote were crooked, and her hand seemed to be out of control.

There won’t be next time.

If there’s next time, she will be Venus de Milo.

The sound of a message coming in suddenly was heard from her mobile phone.

[Zheng You’an]: …

[Ruan Sixian]:

After finding that she was not blocked, Zheng You’an immediately sent out the prepared text.

[Zheng You’an]: Let me say sorry to you first.

I just called President Fu but he didn’t answer me at all.

It’s about yesterday’s matter, it was me who was talking nonsense.

Please don’t take it seriously.

I will confess my motive: I just didn’t want my family to match me with President Fu, so I made a rumor.

I was sure that my family wouldn’t say it.

Unexpectedly, it reached your ears.

I really didn’t see anything at all.

After getting off the plane in Spain, we parted ways.

It was all my nonsense.

After Fu Mingyu denied it, Ruan Sixian thought whether it was Zheng You’an who saw it wrong or she said it on purpose.

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The former is more likely.

After all, Zheng You’an will not slander Fu Mingyu no matter how much she hates him.

But unexpectedly, this is the case.

Seeing that Ruan Sixian didn’t reply immediately, Zheng You’an carefully typed out a few words.

[Zheng You’an]: You two shouldn’t be quarreling, right

Ruan Sixian hadn’t thought about what to say when the other party sent another message again.

[Zheng You’an]: You two shouldn’t have hit[1] each other, right


Well, they really did.

[Zheng You’an]: It’s my fault.

If you two really break up, I’ll pay you a boyfriend!

[Zheng You’an]: There are not many young single presidents, but there are some who are about to take office!

[Ruan Sixian]: There’s no need, older sister.

[Zheng You’an]: No, no, no.

It should be me who calls you older sister.

[Ruan Sixian]: The two of us are fine!

[Zheng You’an]: You don’t have to be polite with me.

I was the one who caused trouble by talking too much.

I should pay for it.

[Zheng You’an]:

[Zheng You’an]: The two of you are fine

Fu Mingyu was busy before and didn’t have time to answer Zheng You’an’s phone call.

Zheng You’an was naturally scared, thinking that he was furious and on the verge of breaking the law, so she didn’t dare to call him again.

Instead, she went to Ruan Sixian to plead guilty.

After Ruan Sixian knew what happened and after some thought, she felt like she should tell Fu Mingyu, lest he think back on the matter later and do something ruthless.

It’s just that she deliberately concealed the reason why Zheng You’an slandered him, and only said that she drank too much and talked nonsense.

“She said that you can punish her however you want now.

Whether to kill or to cut, it’s up to you.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu answered the phone with one hand and signed the document quickly with the other hand.

Then he said faintly, “Okay, I know.”

Based on Ruan Sixian’s understanding of domineering President from novels and TV dramas, the more insipid the tone, the more angry it represents.

“Are you angry”

Fu Mingyu: “A little bit.”

[1] hit here means the same as ‘making movement’ or ‘doing something’.


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