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[Bo Yang]: The airport expressway was particularly blocked this morning.

You’d better leave early or take a detour.

The two were on WeChat because of politeness when they were signing the contract at the Flight Academy.

Ruan Sixian thought that this person might have the same virtue as his boss.

In this life, he would only lie quietly on her list.

Unexpectedly, the person is pretty good as he took the initiative to care about her.

She was about to type when another message came again.

[Bo Yang]: Where do you live Or, should I come pick you up while I’m on my way

Ruan Sixian thought about it and asked: Are you alone

[Bo Yang]: I’m in the car of President Fu, right here in Mingchen Apartment.

[Ruan Sixian]: Then I’m not on the same route.

If it’s not on the same route, it’s just not on the same route, but this ‘Then’ is really misleading.

Bo Yang automatically interprets Ruan Sixian’s meaning as that her route with the one from Mingchen Apartment to Hengshi Airlines is not on the same route.

“She’s not on the same route as from Mingchen Apartment.” Bo Yang turned his head and said to Fu Mingyu in the back seat.

Fu Mingyu nodded and said nothing.

The car slowly stopped at the exit of the residential area.

When the barrier of the gate opened, Fu Mingyu looked out of the car window and his eyes suddenly stopped.

Bo Yang saw that Fu Mingyu was looking at the rearview mirror, and he curiously followed it with his gaze.

The woman standing tall and straight by the flower stands on the roadside, holding an umbrella and seems to be waiting for the bus, who is it if it’s not Ruan Sixian

There was a sudden death like silence in the car.

Isn’t it not on the same route

Don’t she know the big characters of the bright ‘Mingchen Apartment’

Bo Yang coughed, turned on the iPad, opened a meeting record and handed it to Fu Mingyu, pretending that nothing happened.

“President Fu, here are the minutes of yesterday’s meeting.”

Fu Mingyu took the iPad, turned two pages, and suddenly said, “Did you offend the person when you went to the Flight Academy”

Bo Yang immediately recalled his words and deeds at that time.

He felt that he was always elegant, easy to speak to, and he never blushed when interacting with her.

He even looked somewhat handsome.

How could he offend her

Before he had the chance to answer, Fu Mingyu said again: “Pay more attention to your words and deeds in the future, and don’t lose my face.”

Bo Yang: “……”

Alright, the boss said it was his problem, and it must be his problem.

“I see, I will pay more attention to it in the future.”

Ruan Sixian did not pay attention to the Cayenne that was slowly driving away in front of her.

Seeing that the rain had stopped, she put her umbrella away and put it in her bag.

When she looked up again, a taxi pulled over and stopped slowly.

Ruan Sixian looked at the license plate and confirmed that it was the one she had asked for.

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Just as she was about to walk over, a woman suddenly jumped out, rushed to Ruan Sixian’s front and opened the passenger seat’s door.

She made such a big move that Ruan Sixian had to take a step back in surprise.

“Master, go to Hengshi Airlines.”

Ruan Sixian was taken aback by this move.

After reacting, she immediately grabbed the door that was about to be closed.

“Sorry, this is the car I called.”

The woman lowered her head and hurriedly fastened her seat belt, without looking at Ruan Sixian: “Can you let me go first I’m in a hurry.

I’ll be late for the meeting soon! “

“No way.”

Ruan Sixian held the car door with one hand, and supported the roof with one hand, “Will have to trouble you to come down.”

Ni Tong tugged on the seat belt, her eyes were anxious, and she was impatient.

She tried to pull the car door, but found that the woman in front of her was so strong that she could not move it at all.

Ni Tong was so anxious that she couldn’t help but put her hands together and pleadingly said, “Could you please wait again Help me, please I really have a very important meeting.”

In the early morning today, there was a safety accident on a plane, and the Hengshi Airlines immediately sent a message to organize a safety lecture, asking all the staff of the flight department and flight attendants who were not on a flight to come.

“No way.” Ruan Si Xian stood in front of the car door and her tone was not good, “I also have a very important thing.”

Ruan Sixian is actually not in a hurry.

If this woman told her nicely at the beginning, she would definitely let her go.

But she grabbed the car as soon as she came, so she won’t let it go.

“Please, (older) sister.

It’s true.

Just help me this time.

Can you just treat it as being kind-hearted”

Seeing that Ruan Sixian didn’t loosen up, Ni Tong softened her voice again and went to pull her sleeve, “Sister, I beg of you.

Help me, please I had dinner with some friends last night and drank some wine, so I overslept in the morning.”


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