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“Yeah, Dad is about to take off… Okay, okay, I will buy you a gift… Listen to your mother at home.

Dad will come back tomorrow… Okay… Let your mother hold the phone…”

Ruan Sixian glanced at him sideways and saw that he was smiling on the phone with a gentle expression.

Her mobile phone suddenly rang.

Ruan Sixian bowed her head and saw that it was Fu Mingyu who suddenly sent her a message.

[Fu Mingyu]: Have you boarded the plane

Ruan Sixian changed her posture and typed with her chin supported by one of her hands.

[Ruan Sixian]: Yeah, I just boarded.

[Fu Mingyu]: The weather is bad today.

Let me know when you landed.

[Ruan Sixian]: Okay.

Pressing the on-screen keyboard, Ruan Sixian sent out a sentence without thinking much.

[Ruan Sixian]: My mother and Zheng You’an are also on this flight today.

The world is really so small.

This time he didn’t reply in seconds.

Ruan Sixian thought he might be busy.

Then she took a look at what she had typed again.

It’s really quite boring.

It’s just that she really didn’t know what was going on.

Seeing Fu Mingyu sending her a message, she subconsciously wanted to talk about it.

Half a minute later, the network signal was cut off and Fu Mingyu called.

“Are you unhappy”

Hearing his voice, Ruan Sixian was a little shaken.

It feels like her heart is just like a balloon, slowly filled with things and slowly falling.

“I’m not unhappy either.” Ruan Sixian said, “I just feel that it is too coincidental.”

Hearing her normal tone, Fu Mingyu only hummed and said, “Pay attention to safety.

I’m going to attend a meeting.

“Okay.” After a pause, Ruan Sixian said again, “When I come back tomorrow, how about I come to see you”

“Huh” Fu Mingyu seemed to smile and spoke with an imposing voice, “Do you want to kiss me”


Ruan Sixian hung up the call.

She stared at the screen for a while before turning off her mobile phone.

The light mood swings that occurred when she saw the passenger list were also wiped out by the phone call.

The captain also hung up the phone and turned to ask: “Is your mother on this flight”

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Ruan Sixian smiled and nodded.

“It’s so nice.

The daughter is sitting in the cockpit and the mother is sitting in the cabin.

My daughter also said that she wants to be a captain in the future but I don’t think it will work.

The little girl is not in good health.

I won’t have any chance to sit in her flight in the future.”

“It will be fine.” Ruan Sixian said, “It will be fine after she grows up.”

They arrived in Jinxing City at 4 p.m.

After all the passengers got off the plane, Ruan Sixian and the captain came out.

Today, the temperature in Jinxing City is as high as 29 degrees, which is somewhat abnormal, but it is a good temperature for a seaside tour.

Ruan Sixian asked those little girls in the crew whether they wanted to go to the seaside together.

They all shook their heads and said that there is a duty-free shopping mall in Jinxing City.

When flying domestic flights, they were always looking forward to coming here to buy things, and they would go on a shopping spree at night.

Ruan Sixian had to go to the seaside alone.

But before that, she has to have dinner first.

The restaurant she booked was by the seaside.

She didn’t want to run back and forth, so she just changed her dress and went straight over.

The restaurant is built near the sea, with five sides built of glass, making the people who dine in it able to view the sea in all directions.

Under the sunset in the evening, the scattered lights from the stars illuminate this place, making it look like the world in a fairy tale.

Sitting by the window, one can hear the sea breeze when the window is opened.

However, because it is positioned as a high-end restaurant, there are more decorations than seats, and the environment can be said to be elegant.

After Ruan Sixian came in, she was led to the reserved seat by the waiter.

Because she was alone, she sat at a small table.

After sitting down, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone rang, and Fu Mingyu replied to her message just now, which said that she had just landed and reported her safety to him.

[Fu Mingyu]: Okay.

Have you eaten yet


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