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“Then, will she still act in that movie”

“Who knows, maybe the producer also thanked her for bringing popularity to the movie, but I heard that President Fu doesn’t seem to be investing in this movie anymore.”

When Ruan Sixian heard the last sentence, she widened her eyes: “Really”

The male flight attendant also widened his eyes: “You don’t know about it”

Ruan Sixian: “I didn’t ask him.”

The male flight attendant touched his nose and thought that the prospective wife of the boss actually didn’t know as much as he did.

“I heard from the Publicity Department that President Fu has always been relatively low-key in this regard.

He probably doesn’t want Hengshi Airlines to have anything to do with this anymore.”

After he finished speaking, he stared at Ruan Sixian, trying to satisfy his desire for gossip by seeing a sense of pride in her face that ‘this old lady’s boyfriend can do great things for me’.

“Alas.” Ruan Sixian lowered her eyes and smiled to herself, “Only a bastard will reject a chance to earn money.”


Although her argument was quite crooked, people in the room could still notice a sweet feeling from her face and her tone.

Because this is a long distance flight and there is a connecting flight in the middle, the meeting was held for a long time.

The captain explained in detail where there may be bumps and where there are cumulus clouds and rain that need to be avoided.

Sometimes, when he said things that needed special attention, he would also look at Ruan Sixian and explain it word by word.

Ruan Sixian vaguely felt that the captain seemed to be taking special care of her.

Look at the attitude of the rest of the crew, she felt this way even more.


Ruan Sixian felt that the label on her body was no longer just ‘owned by the Fu family’.

Before, everyone only knew that Fu Mingyu was chasing her, and no one knew whether he succeeded in chasing her or not.

Now, because of Li Zhihuai’s matter, Hengshi Airlines’ official blog said ‘our President Fu has gone to coax his girlfriend already’, which is tantamount to making their relationship public.

“I think that is all.” The captain put down the route map and said, “Let’s make a code.”

He turned to look at Ruan Sixian.

“You will be the one to decide it.”

Ruan Sixian nodded and casually flipped through the passenger list, “Let’s use ‘Captain Dong’ then.”

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The code word is a small part of the pre-flight cooperation meeting of each crew.

It is to prevent accidents such as hijacking, or someone threatening the flight attendant to make a PA call into the cockpit and trick the captain to open the cockpit door.

Once someone with bad intentions gets into the cockpit and intimidates the captain, it will be over for all the people in the entire flight.

Therefore, the ‘code word’ is generally to find a surname different from the captain and co-pilot.

For example, the captain’s surname is Zhang, the co-pilot’s surname is Ruan this time, and Ruan Sixian said ‘Captain Dong’.

If the flight attendant’s PA-ed into the cockpit and called for ‘Captain Dong’, the people in the cockpit would know that the cabin was in danger and could call for help in time.

After saying the code word, Ruan Sixian was about to close the passenger list, but suddenly felt that something was wrong and took a closer look at the VIP customer list she had just scanned.

Dong Xian.

This name was so common that she didn’t even notice it when she glanced at it just now.

Seeing it again at this moment, the first reaction she has is ‘it won’t be so coincidental, right’.

But the next name followed below it is ‘Zheng You’an’.

“Let’s go.” The captain got up.

“Board the plane.”

Ruan Sixian walked towards the bathroom.

“I will go to the bathroom first.”

As the boarding time approached, Zheng You’an and Dong Xian sat in the first-class waiting room.

The two of them did their own thing and didn’t speak.

Dong Xian is going to visit an old man in Jinxing City today, while Zheng You’an is going to participate in a photography exhibition.

Zheng You’an looked at her mobile phone.

The waiting room was so quiet that even a gentle ‘Oh’ sound can become extremely abrupt.


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