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“Huh” Fu Mingyu smirked, “What kind of excitement”

Ruan Sixian put her hand on the door button and looked at him coldly, “How about letting you go back now to the place where your dream began to find some excitement”

“From dusk to late at night, right”

“Fu Mingyu, don’t forget that you are a human.”

“Didn’t you say that you are going to satisfy me”

Ruan Sixian took a deep breath and didn’t want to speak anymore.

Seeing this, Fu Mingyu raised his head and laughed.

Usually, her smack talk is so amazing, but it is really easy to be laughed at by others.

Did she really think that others wouldn’t be able to see that her ears had turned red

This is the first time Ruan Sixian saw him laugh so unrestrainedly.

No matter how slow she is, she reacted like she had just been fooled.

And it’s very likely that she is the one who understood it wrong.

But Fu Mingyu’s expression just now, clearly was to deliberately lead the topic there, for fear that she would not realize that he was playing a rogue.

Ruan Sixian found that Fu Mingyu was becoming more and more indecent, and he had begun to gradually break away from the shackles of his identity.

The road where he revealed the true nature of men is already gone now.

The plane suddenly fell sharply, rushed forward, rose sharply, and went backwards.

Anyway, there was nothing else in the airspace.

Ruan Sixian felt that she had to be willful and express her anger.

“Really angry” Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to be frightened by the sudden impressive movement.

Instead, he calmly stretched out his hand and picked the hair on the side of her face, “How long do you want to keep wandering in this ‘exciting’ place”


Ruan Sixian turned the plane back without saying a word.

It is almost noon, indeed the time to land.

But she is still curious about what Fu Mingyu had done here at that time, making him unable to forget it even after such a long time.

After thinking about it for a while, she asked: “Did you fall in love with a female savage in this barren mountain and couldn’t extricate yourself”

Fu Mingyu doesn’t quite understand her brain circuits either.

“Are you satirizing me or yourself”

Ruan Sixian was about to open her mouth and wanted to taunt him back, but she suddenly felt that something was wrong.

What did he mean

She pondered for a while, and felt that he seemed to have made an indirect confession again

In the end, Ruan Sixian didn’t ask him whether he fell in love with the female savage or whether he was fighting with people from dusk to late at night at that place.

When she landed, Fu Mingyu said it himself that he came here by helicopter with some friends when he was still in college.

As a result, he got separated from the person who flew the helicopter.

There was no signal in the mountain and several of them wandered around blindly.

In the end, they all fell into the waterfall and were soaked all over.

They finally dried their clothes after sitting there for a long time, and then drilled wood to make a fire by themselves.

After a night, they were finally found.

Fu Mingyu said that it was the most extraordinary thing he had done in his life.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what was to be missed about this kind of thing.

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Maybe men’s happiness is that simple.

But after a while, she thought about it again.

It was Fu Mingyu in his youth.

She didn’t have a chance to see it.

Couldn’t see him sitting on the ground in the barren mountain, or the way he fell into a waterfall with his friends and swam ashore to take off his T-shirt.

She didn’t have a chance to get to know the completely different Fu Mingyu, and she felt quite disappointed.

When they got off the plane, Li Zhihuai had already left.

The boss of Nan’ao invited them both to have lunch and then they returned to the apron again afterwards.

It has been booked for a whole day and Ruan Sixian couldn’t bear the money spent if she didn’t use up all the booked time to fly.

But flying a general-purpose plane is also quite tiring, and she felt a bit like being pitted when she thought of Fu Mingyu sitting next to her enjoying himself.

She usually works for him to fly a plane.

Now he is coaxing her but the result is still her taking him to fly.

So before getting on the plane, Ruan Sixian waved to him: “Come here.”

Fu Mingyu, who is on her side, heard it and glanced at her but didn’t go over.

He just stood there with his hand on the fuselage, “What’s the matter”

“Look, it’s pretty tiring for me to be your driver.” Ruan Sixian said, “How about, you pay me a salary later”

Fu Mingyu tilted his head and looked at her from a distance.

“Did you forget that this plane was given to you And you still treat yourself as a driver”

Ruan Sixian was stunned.

She actually thought that Fu Mingyu just showed off in front of Li Zhihuai.

After all, that matter can be solved with just one aircraft model.

Who would dare to think that he would really send a plane.


Fu Mingyu came over and helped her tidy her hair, which was ruffled by the wind.

“What’s wrong You don’t like it”

The brain told Ruan Sixian to be reserved at this time, but when she looked at the person in front of her, her mouth automatically said: “I like it.”

“It’s good that you like it.”


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