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“It’s mine.”

Li Zhihuai looked back and saw Fu Mingyu coming towards her.

And he is holding a woman.

The woman is very tall, wearing a pilot jacket almost the same as Fu Mingyu, but it is difficult to hide her slender and graceful figure.

It was windy at the airport and the woman’s shoulder length black hair was blown disorderly and brushed on her face.

When she reached out and brushed her hair along the top of her head, Li Zhihuai was in a daze for a moment.

Is this his girlfriend

In just a moment when she was stunned, Fu Mingyu was already standing in front of her.

“I gave it to my girlfriend.

I’m afraid I can’t lend it to others to try.”

Ruan Sixian was still drooling silently at the plane.

When she heard Fu Mingyu say so, she thought she had heard it wrong.

She turned to look at Fu Mingyu, only to notice another woman next to him.

Confused for the second time.

That Li, Li something shu, right

It was the first time Ruan Sixian saw this person in reality, so she tilted her head and looked at her for a while.

Li Zhihuai didn’t see any emotion in her eyes.

Anger, hostility… not even indifference.

She didn’t know whether this woman was completely unaware of yesterday’s events, or whether she didn’t put her into her eyes at all.

Either way, it makes her uncomfortable.

When Fu Mingyu saw Ruan Sixian looking at Li Zhihuai, he pinched her palm, “Won’t you go try it”

Ruan Sixian didn’t care anymore about whatever plum tree or peach tree.

She took back her eyes, threw away Fu Mingyu’s hand and walked towards the plane.

Fu Mingyu looked at her back, but Li Zhihuai’s voice sounded in his ears.

“Mingyu, yesterday…”

“Don’t call me so intimately.” Although Fu Mingyu was talking to her, his eyes were always on Ruan Sixian in front of him.

“If it wasn’t for Teacher Li, I might not even remember your name over the years.

You can call me by my full name or just President Fu is fine too.”

If the wind had not stopped for a while at this moment, Li Zhihuai could hardly believe that the man who was still so kind-hearted in front of her father yesterday morning would now say such words.

“Yesterday’s work was done by my publicity work, and I didn’t think too much about it at that time, just…”

“I don’t care what you think, but you have provoked my girlfriend.” He stepped forward and staggered to the position side by side with Li Zhihuai.

“She is generous and doesn’t care about you, but I’m not as generous as her.”

After speaking, he stepped towards the plane.

Ruan Sixian had already opened the cockpit door, but she didn’t go up.

She was still looking at the outer appearance of the plane.

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Li Zhihuai looked at the figures of the two and took a deep breath, but it was difficult to spit them out smoothly.

She admitted that she didn’t stop it when the publicity department was writing the copy of the statement yesterday, which means acquiescence.

But she just wanted to level off the resentment she had felt many years ago.

Just a little bit, a little bit of thought.

She didn’t expect to be distorted like that by others too.

Now she is a heroine.

She is the focus of everyone’s attention wherever she goes and she is used to being sought after.

She didn’t really want to do anything, but she indeed didn’t put the ‘girlfriend’ in Fu Mingyu’s mouth in her own eyes either.

At this time, when she raised her eyes to look forward and saw the woman’s face which was so full of surprise, Li Zhihuai thought of a thing from many years ago.

When she graduated from high school, she heard that Fu Mingyu had taken a private lesson to get a flying license.

She had secretly imagined that she would be able to sit on the plane driven by Fu Mingyu, skim the mountains, rivers and seas of Jiangcheng, and overlook this familiar city.

And today, she saw another woman about to sit in the position she once dreamed of.

It was as if an obsession was pulling her and she refused to look away, wanting to see what the woman looked like when she sat next to the driver’s seat.

A few minutes later, she blinked and watched the woman get into the——driver’s seat

She thought she had seen it wrong.

She took two more steps and saw Fu Mingyu climb up from the other side.

A few minutes later, she watched the plane sprint towards the runway and take off at the end.


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