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Third, please don’t spread gossip blindly.

Our President Fu has gone to coax his girlfriend already.

Fourth, log on to the official website of Hengshi Airline to register as a member.

The new winter routes are open, and you can enjoy your exclusive flight service.

The most beautiful routes are all in Hengshi Airline.

The first two accurately refuted the plausibility in her remarks, without saving any face, and the end of each one blatantly satirized her.

The last one directly advertised, as if they didn’t care about her feelings at all.

Li Zhihuai is angry but she has no place to vent it.

She turned around and smashed her mobile phone on the young man in charge of publicity.

“Look at what you’ve done!”

The man in charge of publicity just took office not long ago.

He is not a professional, but he is a little smart and usually manipulates some small public opinions.

It’s just that this time his little trick almost turned over the car and he didn’t even dare to say a word now.

He could only endure the beating and the scolding.

“Let me tell you.

You don’t know how much effort I’ve put into to get the role of female captain this time.

I’ve even taken a private lesson to get the flying license.

If this one is lost this time, get out of here immediately! I don’t care whose nephew you are!”

The next morning.

“Are you taking me to dig coal”

Ruan Sixian couldn’t help asking as she watched the car go to more and more remote places, and then looked at her clothes.

She woke up early this morning and put on elaborate make-up, and also matched it with a slim sweater dress that looked sexy and elegant.

As a result, Fu Mingyu asked her to change her clothes as soon as he came, without even looking at her elaborate dress at all!

So she went to change to another dress but Fu Mingyu was still not satisfied.

He directly found her such a dark colored jacket and trousers from her wardrobe.

Fu Mingyu turned to look at her while driving, “It’s quite nice.”

Ruan Sixian picked up her collar and tugged it twice, unable to figure out where the niceness was.

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She turned and looked out of the window, a little depressed.

Originally, she thought that she could dress up prettily for a date, but she was forced to dress up as a coal digger instead.

An hour later, Ruan Sixian looked up and saw Fu Mingyu driving into Nan’ao General Airport.

She blinked.

She seemed to understand a little, but she wasn’t sure.

“What did you bring me here for”

Fu Mingyu looked at her with a smile while reversing the car into the parking garage.

“Don’t you like solo Today, the whole airspace is yours.”

‘The whole airspace is yours’ is more fatal to Ruan Sixian than ‘the whole Diamond Mountain is yours’.

From the moment she got off the car to the time she walked into the airport, her palms were slightly warm.

When she saw that the entire runway was really empty, she immediately ran towards the Cessna on the parking apron.

Fu Mingyu held her back, “Wait a minute.

Don’t be anxious.”

He took her to the apron on the other side.

In the third parking position, the Diamond DA50 Superstar was parked.

The brand-new general-purpose aircraft, not even a bit dusty, is very conspicuous when docked here.

When Li Zhihuai first arrived, she was attracted by the plane.

She walked around the plane, saw the facilities in the cockpit and took a breath.

“It’s so beautiful.”

Nan’ao’s boss accompanied her and said with a smile: “This model is not suitable for novices.

When you are already more familiar with flying, you can consider renting one in the future if you have the opportunity.”

After speaking, he looked at his watch again, “You are early today.

The coach hasn’t arrived yet.

Just wait a little bit more then.”

Li Zhihuai’s attention was all on the plane.

She nodded casually and asked again: “When the coach comes, can he take me to fly with this one for a while”

“This won’t work.” Nan’ao’s boss said, “This is bought by my friend as a gift so it has nothing to do with me.

But if you want to try it, you can ask for his consent.”

Li Zhihuai blinked, “Who is it Can I really do that”

As soon as the voice fell, a voice sounded behind them.


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