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The floor-to-ceiling large glass windows of the terminal building provide an unobstructed view of the apron, and even the indicator signs on the ground are clearly visible.

At this time, a plane broke through the clouds and its wings split into the air.

It flew down majestically and landed smoothly at the center of the runway at an inclination of 8 degrees, sprinting all the way.

Even though the terminal is isolated from the rumbling sound, the staff from the airline seems to have intuition.

A group of flight attendants holding the flight box tacitly stopped in a hurry and stood still in place to watch.

Several passengers sitting by the window also look back curiously with their eyes.

The plane on the runway has a completely snow-white color as its main color.

The fuselage is sprayed with an illustrated Golden Phoenix with its wings spread out randomly and its tail raised high above, displaying its arrogance.

Fu Mingyu looked at his watch again.

It’s 6:14.

No difference at all.

A slight smile appeared in his eyes, and he stood there at the moment when the plane stopped on the tarmac.

Bo Yang looked at the time and said: “President Fu”

Fu Mingyu looked at him sideways and raised his eyebrows.

Bo Yang cleared his throat.

“Well, there is still enough time.”

As he spoke, a child in the waiting hall shouted: “Dad! What kind of plane is that So beautiful!”

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The child’s father is really an expert, holding him and walking to the window, “This is our country’s own plane.

Have you seen that Golden Phoenix In the future, when you see the plane that has this, then it’s the ACJ31 model.

It is very amazing.

It can even land automatically in such a low cloud, and….

The father’s long speech that has not finished yet was interrupted by the shouting of the child again, “Wow! The pilot is coming down!”

As Fu Mingyu also saw it, the aircraft passenger elevator car has been parked by the gangway’s side, and the captain sent by the Hengshi Airlines is the first to come out.

The view from the direct front side of the window was wider, so Fu Mingyu walked over slowly.

Bo Yang and the two assistants behind looked at each other, did not dare to say more and also followed up.

After all, who doesn’t want to see more of their own plane that they bought at a high price.

Fu Mingyu looked at the hatch.

The captain had already stepped down several steps, and the co-pilot followed closely.

Fu Mingyu is familiar with both of them.

At that time, it was him that personally finalized the modified crew that was to be sent for training.

When the third person came out, Fu Mingyu squinted his eyes.

The wind on the tarmac was very strong.

It whistled by, blowing up the hair on her cheeks and made it fluttering in front of her eyes.

It also puffing up her white uniform shirt.

Instead of rushing down the stairs, she took off her flying cap, clamped it between her arms, stood in place, looked up and looked around her, and finally her sight was fixed on the characters of ‘Jiangcheng International Airport’.

“Wow! Is that an older sister ” The child cried again, “Is she a flight attendant Why is she wearing different clothes “

The child’s father put him on his shoulder with a smile, so that he could see more widely, “Haha.

That’s also a pilot, a female pilot.

It’s also the first time dad has seen a female pilot.

The child’s voice attracted the attention of several passengers nearby, and gradually some people stood by the window to see the special-shaped plane.

As if there was an invisible attraction pulling him, Fu Mingyu unconsciously took another step forward.

He was now only less than 30 cm away from the glass.

He watched her walking towards the terminal building intently, and her figure became more and more clear.

Her black trousers were blown tightly against her legs by the wind, and she took every step cleanly.

The captain next to her seemed to be saying something to her.

She tilted her head sideways, and her happy smiles spread all around, even concealing the presence of the co-pilot.

All of a sudden, she looked up at the terminal building, looking straight over.

Although he clearly knows that she was only looking at the entire terminal building, the illusion from the gaze passing through the space still makes Fu Mingyu’s breath tightened once.

“President Fu The broadcast is already urging the boarding.

Bo Yang said suddenly from the side.

Fu Mingyu nodded, turned and walked towards the boarding gate.

A few steps later, he paused again.

Looking back at the apron, he sees a crew car slowly driving into the distance.


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