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A crashing sound came from Fu Mingyu’s office.

It is the sound of a large number of documents landing on the ground.

Several assistants sat outside and looked at each other, not knowing what to do for a moment.

However, the imaginary quarrel did not come out.

Just when everyone thought it was calm, there was another sound of glass ashtray being smashed.

It was crisp and ear-splitting, but there was no other movement after there.

Several assistants frowned and their hearts were about to jump out.

They didn’t know whether they should knock on the door and go in to help clean up.

If they don’t go in, it somewhat feels like dereliction of duty.

But if they go in and bump into the boss fighting with his girlfriend, it may be even more dereliction of duty.

Just as they gave each other their eyes hoping that the other party would righteously go to death in awe, the LED screen on the door lit up and displayed ‘unlock’, and then Ruan Sixian walked out of Fu Mingyu’s office.

Twelve eyes glanced over together.

Ruan Sixian’s expression was not normal.

Her chin was buried in her scarf and they can only see that the upper half of her face was flushed.

Her footsteps were fast, as if she wanted to leave here quickly.

Afterwards, the bell in front of the table rang, and it was Fu Mingyu who called someone in.

Several assistants pushed each other.

One said that last time she had helped the other party work overtime, and another one said that she had helped bring food to the other party yesterday… The brains of those several people are very agile and they finally ended the dispute in three seconds and pushed a foolish person who is overly generous to go in.

However, the atmosphere inside seemed different from what they thought.

Ruan Sixian didn’t dissipate the awkward and nervous feeling until she got in the car.

Just now she hits him hard with her cannon mouth because of a momentary emotion.

She also didn’t know whether Fu Mingyu was irritated or ran out of patience, he just took the same corresponding blasting measures as in the morning, picked her up, then put her down on the desk and kissed her hard.

At first, she thought this was an office and was still struggling, but after accidentally sweeping down a table of documents, she surrendered and slowly softened.

But some people just like to reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

When her brain was hot and her breathing rhythm was completely disturbed, she suddenly felt a cold in her waist and a gust of wind poured in.

Then his hand came up, and there was even an upward movement.

The palm of his hand was so hot that Ruan Sixian’s whole body stiffened for a while.

Her hands on the edge of the table suddenly softened and she accidentally touched the ashtray that was already on the edge of the table next to her.

When the ashtray fell on the ground with a loud sound, Ruan Sixian’s nerves tightened and she opened her mouth to bite him.

The action stops precisely at this moment.

Fu Mingyu hissed and let go of her.

At the same time, he pressed his fingers on his lips and frowned at her.

The look in his eyes… seemed a little hurt.

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Ruan Sixian was also surprised by the sound.

She looked at Fu Mingyu in a daze, and there was a bit of blood smell in her mouth.

No… let me explain…

“Sorry.” Fu Mingyu stepped back, helped her tidy up her clothes and said in a low voice, “Go back and have a rest first then”

The ‘sorry’ made Ruan Sixian feel that in Fu Mingyu’s eyes, she was an image of a virgin woman who would smash the glass and bite the other party’s mouth to keep her innocence with her life when she was touched.

It’s not to such an extent actually.

But she can’t explain it either.

She can’t just open both of her hands wide and say ‘come on, let’s continue’ right


She gathered her scarf, stood up and walked out in a very embarrassing manner.

Soon after getting in the car, Ruan Sixian’s mobile phone buzzed repeatedly with incoming messages and notifications.

First, Bian Xuan and Si Xiaozhen showed their concern towards her carefully, then there were several missed calls from Dong Xian, and finally, she received an invitation from Zheng You’an asking to add her as a friend.

After she passed the invitation, Zheng You’an immediately sent three ridiculing laugh emoticons.

[Zheng You’an]: See You are the one who is suffering losses now, right

[Zheng You’an]: I told you that this man is no good but you have to rush in.

[Zheng You’an]: Do you regret it very much now

However, before Ruan Sixian could reply, she withdrew these messages one by one.

Then she sent another new message again as if nothing had happened.


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