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Fu Mingyu stood still, and didn’t even pick up the tie when she handed it over.

Ruan Sixian lifted her eyes and understood what he meant.


She raised her hand and put the tie in Fu Mingyu’s collar.

She couldn’t get it right even after working on it for a long time.

His breath blows on the top of her head and it makes her all the more unable to calm down, so she just simply pulled it twice.

“Okay, do it yourself.”

Fu Mingyu rearranged his tie slowly, looked down at the tie’s wrinkled end that was pinched by Ruan Sixian when she came, simply took it off and threw it aside.

“Why are you still angry”

“Can’t I even get angry for the juicy gossip that you created by yourself” Ruan Sixian looked at him with her arms folded.

“After this, I will try to create a gossip with someone.

Try it yourself and see if you can be comfortable with it or not.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak anymore.

The mobile phone screen on the other side lit up again.

He took a look and found that Ruan Sixian also stretched out her neck to take a look.

It’s a call from Li Zhihuai.

“Just take it.” Ruan Sixian said, “Anyway, I understand but I still have the right to be angry.”

For some reason, the gossip of her own boyfriend becoming another woman’s boyfriend has been crazily spread all over the Internet.

What woman can feel comfortable with it

Fu Mingyu answered the phone and turned on hands-free mode.

A gentle voice that called “Mingyu” came from the other end.

The alarm suddenly sounded in his mind.

He raised his head to look at Ruan Sixian.

The person in front of him seemed very calm, but the small flame in her eyes seemed to revive because of this “Mingyu” call.

“Yes, Miss Li.” Fu Mingyu said, “What’s the matter”

Ruan Sixian silently turned her head away and sat on one side of the sofa, playing with the tie in her hands.

“My agent should have called you, right”


“I’m really sorry.

I really didn’t expect to be photographed.

It’s all because of my negligence.

I just thought that my dad is more sober in the morning, but I didn’t think that this point of time will easily make people misunderstand.

We’ve been dealing with it here, and I think it may have affected you already.

I’m really sorry about it.”

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Fu Mingyu looked at Ruan Sixian again, and his eyes dimmed.

“It’s nothing, just a careless mistake.”

“Although you said that, I still feel very sorry.” Li Zhihuai said, “When I come to Jiangcheng two days later, I will personally invite you to dinner and apologize to you.”

In such a large room, there were several ‘pa’ sounds.

Ruan Sixian squeezed the tie with one hand, patted the palm of the other hand repeatedly, and walked slowly to his desk.

“No need.” Fu Mingyu said calmly.

Li Zhihuai said again: “Then, what about the things that I told you last night”

“Just contact the Publicity Department.” Fu Mingyu said, “It has been taken over by the Time Pictures.

I only listened to the final report and I did not ask about its details.”

Ruan Sixian heard the word ‘Pictures’ and asked: “What is it about”

Her voice was not loud nor small, but it happened to reach the other side of the phone.

Li Zhihuai asked: “Are you busy now”

Fu Mingyu: “My girlfriend is next to me.”

“Oh oh, just continue your busy work then.”

Li Zhihuai hung up the phone in a hurry.

Fu Mingyu stood up, grabbed the tie in her hand, dragged her into his arms and stood leaning against the desk.

Ruan Sixian struggled twice, but heard him say: “I’m very tired.

Don’t move.

Let me hug for a while.”

She slowly calmed down and stopped moving.

She was hooped on his chest and her eyes fell on the mobile phone on the desk.

“That Pictures, are you making a film”

“Yeah, an aviation-themed film.

She is the female lead.

The investor found us and hopes to cooperate with us.”


“You don’t have to take this kind of groundless thing into your heart.”

Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a second, and sat upright immediately: “The news already broke out, President Fu.

Do I have to wait until you sleep with another person before I realize that I have been put on a green hat”

Fu Mingyu smiled: “Sleep with another person”

He lowered his head and brushed Ruan Sixian’s chin with his fingers.

“Don’t you know who I want to sleep with”


“Sleep, sleep, sleep.

You only think about sleep.

If you like sleeping so much, why don’t you get yourself buried in the ground and sleep forever.”


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