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More than 20 square meters of space has been expanded outside Fu Mingyu’s office for the assistants’ space.

It is divided into two rows, with three desks side by side in each row, sandwiching the path in the middle.

When Ruan Sixian came over, the six assistants suddenly stopped their work and looked up at her together.

The female assistants who had just learned what had happened were feeling considerate, and felt a kind of horrifying feeling from the sound of Ruan Sixian’s footsteps.

The sound echoed in such a big office one after another, as if foretelling that something big was about to happen.

And Bo Yang, who hurried over after he heard the inquiry, met Ruan Sixian on the narrow path here.

As soon as he saw Ruan Sixian’s eyes, his heart had a bad premonition.

Both of his legs unconsciously speed up and race against the time, which is a race against life itself.

There was only one door, and the two stood together neatly beside the edge line.

The two looked at each other, and Ruan Sixian saw a ‘sending news secretly’ kind of tension in his face.

“Step aside.”

“No, Miss Ruan…”

Before Bo Yang finished speaking, the two glass doors opened automatically.

Ruan Sixian looked up.

The manager of the flight planning department was standing at Fu Mingyu’s desk and talking to him.

Hearing the movement at the door, the two looked over together.

Ruan Sixian raised her eyebrows, and Fu Mingyu nodded to the manager.

The manager understood, turned around and walked out.

When the automatic door behind her closed, Fu Mingyu closed the computer, stood up and said: “What’s the matter”

Fu Mingyu really doesn’t know what happened.

This event is really not driven by the entertainment media, and the owner who posted the post is really just a commoner.

It takes time from the posting to cause heated discussion, then from the marketing rummaging through Weibo.

Bo Yang also just got the news about half an hour before.

“You still ask me what’s the matter” Ruan Sixian threw the tie at him.

“You’d better give me a reasonable explanation, or I will send you chrysanthemums in today’s next year.”

Fu Mingyu stood upright, letting his tie hit himself before it fell on the table solitarily.

He turned his head to look at Bo Yang.

Bo Yang pressed his lips tightly and showed Fu Mingyu the entertainment news in the iPad.

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He only glanced for two seconds before he knew what was going on.

After putting down the iPad, Fu Mingyu said lightly: “She and I are just ordinary friends.”

Here it comes!

A scum man’s omnipotent speech!

Ruan Sixian gritted her teeth and said: “Then you and I are just ordinary friends too.”

Fu Mingyu walked towards Ruan Sixian from behind the desk.

Just as he approached and wanted to reach out, she took a step back.

“You should make it clear to me first.

Don’t try to mess around with me.”

He opened his mouth and was about to speak when the phone on the other side rang.

Bo Yang consciously picked it up.

After answering several times, he covered the phone and looked up at Fu Mingyu: “President Fu, it’s the call from Miss Li’s agency.”

Fu Mingyu’s face showed a little impatience.

He took back his hand and nodded to Bo Yang.

Bo Yang immediately pressed the speaker button, and a mature female voice sounded on the other end.

“Hello, President Fu, I am Zhang Ying from Xuanxin Media.

I am the agent in charge of Li Zhihuai’s work.

Regarding today’s news, we are very sorry, because the place is remote and it was still early in the morning, we didn’t pay attention to avoiding people.

We didn’t expect to be photographed like this.”

What she said was the truth, and the wording sounded okay to Fu Mingyu, but it was different in another person’s ear.

Fu Mingyu glanced at Ruan Sixian.

She folded her arms and squinted her eyes.

Her whole body exuded a dangerous aura, as if she was looking at a pair of adulterers and her face was filled with the words ‘let’s see what else you have to say’.

Fu Mingyu only gave a hum and didn’t say anything else.

There was a brief silence on the other side of the phone and soon afterwards, the agent said again: “We will deal with it in time.

Do you have any special orders for us to do”

“Contact the Public Relations Department.”

Fu Mingyu put aside such a sentence and Bo Yang pressed the hands-free button off before transferring it to the Public Relations Department.

At the same time, Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone on the table rang again.

Bo Yang took a look and said: “President Fu, it’s from Miss Li.”


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