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The two of them went to the automatic checkout area.

Fu Mingyu took out the things and scanned them while Ruan Sixian stood aside and waited.

It’s almost Christmas, so the supermarket has begun to play songs for the occasion, and the surroundings are also decorated with red and green ornaments.

Ruan Sixian put her hand in her pocket and stared at the little Santa Claus pasted on the display case in front of her.

She was a little distracted when she thought of the coming festive day.

New Year’s Day, Spring Festival… The busiest days in the aviation industry are about to begin.

Just looking at the next flight mission already made her feel a bit of a headache.

Suddenly, Fu Mingyu, who had finished paying the bill, came to her.

He followed her gaze and looked over, then paused for a while before saying: “I still have things to do today.

I don’t have time.”

Ruan Sixian glanced at him, and then at the display case in front of her.

——An entire cabinet full of condoms.

What the f*ck does he mean

Her chest suddenly feels like a balloon full of gas that is ready to explode.

Ruan Sixian’s scalp began to feel numb and she slapped him on the arm.

“Fu Mingyu, you really need to thank the law for protecting your life!”

Seeing her flushed with anger, Fu Mingyu turned his head and smiled at her: “You are starting it again.

Are you asking for a kiss”


It was exactly twelve o’clock at noon when they finally got home.

Ruan Sixian was angry all the way.

She didn’t want to let Fu Mingyu off so lightly and cook for him, so when she got home, she just put the ingredients into the kitchen and came out with an apron.

But seeing a scene in the living room, she gave up the idea.

When she entered the kitchen, Fu Mingyu had already taken off his coat and suit jacket, leaned against the sofa with his brows frowning and closed his eyes, but she could see that he was not asleep.

“Are you very tired”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu took a deep breath, loosened his tie and said, “Tossing up all night and didn’t sleep at all last night.

This morning, I have to run through two places before I can return here.”

“Then why did you want to come back today”

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Fu Mingyu opened his eyes and stared at her with a deep gaze.

“I want to see you and I can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak, put on the apron and turned back into the kitchen.

Although this kind of word has no practical meaning, it sounds strangely comfortable.

The ingredients were all cleaned up.

Ruan Sixian stared at the pile of things, quietly took out her mobile phone, opened the cooking tutorial and closed the door too.

She wanted to finish cooking this meal quickly, but her cooking skill does not allow her to do so.

Three home-made dishes took her precisely one full hour.

And when it came out of the pot, she was still very not confident about it.

After all, compared with a bowl of noodles made by Fu Mingyu, she felt that the taste she made might not be good enough.

But fortunately, Fu Mingyu gave her a lot of face.

When he sat down and ate the meal, Ruan Sixian asked him how the taste was.

He nodded and said: “Not bad.”

Seeing him full of affection and thoughtfulness, Ruan Sixian immediately picked up her chopsticks and tasted a few bites of beef.


She doesn’t know whether to say that he has problems with his taste buds or his acting skills are too excellent.

“It would be better for us to go out to eat next time.”

As soon as he heard ‘go out to eat’, Fu Mingyu seemed to have some conflicting plot.

He frowned and said: “No need.

It’s quite delicious.”

Maybe he is more willing to eat these things that are either too salty or too light than the clam vermicelli.

“Shall I open some canned food”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her and picked up a bunch of shiitake mushrooms.

“This one is really quite tasty.

Would you like to try it”

Ruan Sixian opened her mouth hesitantly, and Fu Mingyu fed the shiitake mushroom into her mouth.

“How is it”

Ruan Sixian chewed and tried hard to taste the ‘quite tasty’ that he said.

“Where is the tastiness”

“You probably didn’t put any seasoning on it, and kept the original flavor of shiitake mushrooms.”

“…” Ruan Sixian lowered her eyes, “One should not talk when eating, so as not to affect digestion, and one should not communicate with others before going to bed either, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.”


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