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Just when everyone thought he was going to get up and leave, he suddenly said: “Group P1, the 40 minutes of media reports, there’s no focus in it.

How much traffic control in the airport will be delayed if such a long time is wasted Group P2, the publicity is boring, the expression is straightforward, the key points are vague, and the choice of media channels is also lacking in rationality.

Group P3, if you don’t have any effective publicity concept.

Multiply resources, cross-border creativity and strong implementation.

Don’t hand in the planning book if you can’t do these three points.

The meeting room was silent for a moment.

Even the sound of a needle dropped could be distinguished.

“The meeting is over.”

Fu Mingyu pushed away the planning book in front of him, got up and said, “You will hand in the planning book again next week.”

Everyone held their breath and watched Fu Mingyu go out.

The three group leaders came back to clean up their own things with a dark face.

Someone asked Bo Yang in a low voice, “Is President Fu in a bad mood today”

Bo Yang had no choice but to smile helplessly.

He didn’t say anything and chased out in two steps.

At this time, the mobile phone finally rangs and Bo Yang stopped to answer it.

A few seconds later, his expression gradually relaxed.

The person in front of him felt Bo Yang’s pause.

When he turned his head, Bo Yang made a gesture of ‘OK’ to him.

Fu Mingyu looked sideways at the blue sky outside the glass window and loosened a button on his suit.

The contract was drawn up very quickly, and it came down within a few days.

Bo Yang specially showed it to Fu Mingyu for him to have a look.

He didn’t have any comments after reading it, so Bo Yang sent it to the Flight Academy.

This piece of hard bone can be regarded as already gnawed down.

Bo Yang rubbed his shoulder and said: “Only women and children are hard to raise, so we shall not deceive them.”

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At this time, the President Yan of Beihang called.

“Fu Mingyu, what crooked tricks did you use to steal my person away”

“Your person” Fu Mingyu got up and said with a relaxed smile, “Has the contract been signed How could you say that it’s your person”

The two companies are the leading companies in the industry.

They compete with each other and complement each other.

They have their own understanding of each other.

Yan’an put a lot of effort into this matter, like finding someone to talk about career planning, and used the Captain’s conditions that the pilots care most about as the bait.

Just because he thought too decently, he never expected Fu Mingyu to just directly use money.

Yan’an was so angry that he sneered, “Okay, I don’t want to argue with you about this.

Anyway, the person is yours now.

Just tell me about it.

What did you use to steal the person away”

Fu Mingyu: “Using personality charm.”


Yan’an even rolled his eyes and hung down the call directly.

Fu Mingyu put down his mobile phone and went to the window.

His brow was stretched and he felt comfortable watching the continuous rain outside.

Suddenly thinking of something, he turned around and asked: “When will the ACJ31 arrive”

Bo Yang said: “The air traffic control has arranged that the first plane will take off at 4:00 on Saturday morning.

If nothing goes wrong, it will land at Jiangcheng International Airport on time at 6:14.”

Fu Mingyu nodded and asked, “Where is she”

Bo Yang was taken aback for a moment before he realized who was the ‘she’ that Fu Mingyu meant.

“The Flight Academy said that they would not waste every opportunity to fly in the back row, so this time she will also fly with it.

However, the Personnel Department and the Logistics Department would not work on Saturday, so she will formally enter the job on Monday.”

Fu Mingyu turned around and sat down, opened a document in front of him, and suddenly said, “What time is the flight to Huaicheng this Saturday”

This, Boyang can’t remember it clearly.

He took out his mobile phone and looked at it, and said, “At seven in the morning.”

Fu Mingyu said faintly: “Okay.”

On Saturday, it was the first glimmer of dawn and the white fish belly had just appeared in the East.

Today’s weather is not good.

Waves of clouds are surging in the low places, blocking the light of the morning star.

Very few flights take off and land at this time, which is the cleanest time of the day at the airport.

There are quite a few people in the waiting hall, but it is surprisingly quiet.

Occasionally, there is a gentle sound of flipping through papers.

The adults are looking at their mobile phones or taking a nap.

Several children lie in their parents’ arms to play or sleep.

Fu Mingyu, Bo Yang and two assistants walked quickly through the corridor and went straight to the boarding gate.

There is a long line ahead, but the first-class aisle is still empty, waiting for the last first-class guest to board the plane.

Fu Mingyu raised his hand and looked at his watch.

After a pause, he turned his head and looked out the window.


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