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After putting down the phone, she held her cheek and sighed.

Her heart is in a dilemma and she can’t explain what she feels either.

When she reads a book, Fu Mingyu’s face will always dangle in front of her eyes like a lingering spirit.

Two minutes later, Fu Mingyu sent a picture.

[Fu Mingyu]: I am here.

Ruan Sixian took a casual look.

The picture was a corner of an exhibition center for the air show.

The shooting angle was very random and there are basically all kinds of aircraft models in it.

But in the upper right corner, Ruan Sixian stared at it and zoomed in.

[Ruan Sixian]: Is that Cessna 172 in the upper right corner

Fu Mingyu hadn’t paid attention to the single-engine four-seat piston-type small general-purpose aircraft over there.

After he read the message sent by Ruan Sixian, he went over there and took a look at it.

[Fu Mingyu]: Yes.

[Ruan Sixian]: This is my first solo.

First solo refers to the test in which a pilot trainee operates an aircraft alone for the first time without the instructor.

Ruan Sixian will never forget that day.

She drove the Cessna 172, crossed the shade of wheat waves in the training ground, followed the surging clouds, and chased the geese moving south all the way.

After entering the airline, she was faced with the same unchanging and strict compliance of SOP and standard calls so the memory of that solo was especially clear.

After all, it may be one of Ruan Sixian’s few solo experiences in her life.

Cessna 172, nicknamed ‘skyhawk’, is known as the most successful general-purpose aircraft in the world and the most popular small private aircraft.

Because of this, few people paid attention to it in this air show.

Fu Mingyu didn’t pay much attention to it, but now he fully looked at it for several minutes.

In his mind is the scene of Ruan Sixian passing through the clouds when she was soloing.

After turning his head around and seeing the diamond DA50 superstar next to him, Fu Mingyu suddenly opened his mouth and called Bo Yang.

Bo Yang stepped forward, “What’s wrong”

Fu Mingyu pointed to the diamond DA50 superstar next to him and ordered a few words.

Bo Yang nodded, but he was confused inwardly.

He had seen people who buy diamonds, jewelry and bags for women, and this is the first time he saw a person who bought a plane instead.

[Fu Mingyu]: I will go and have a meal first.

Okay then.

Ruan Sixian thought, this is probably how a plastic couple is.

Sending him a message so eagerly only to get replies with a total of twenty words.

She didn’t bother to pay attention to him either and just got up to change her clothes to go out.

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She had promised Dong Jing to go to the hospital to see her when she was free.

She has been busy some time ago and she finally has time today.

There’s more rain in this year’s winter and the sky is often gloomy when she wakes up.

Ruan Sixian put on a coat, went out and bought a bunch of carnations in the flower shop at the gate of the hospital.

She called Dong Jing in advance and knew that she would be accompanied by a caregiver today.

After entering the ward, the auntie caregiver poured Ruan Sixian a glass of water and went out.

Dong Jing was about to be discharged from the hospital, and she is in much better spirits.

In addition, she and Ruan Sixian had rarely seen each other in recent years, so she pulled her to chat for a while.

She asked how she had gone to become a pilot trainee, and then asked her again about the benefits of her current job.

More than an hour passed before they knew it.

This should have been a relaxed chat.

——If Zheng You’an didn’t appear suddenly.

When the door of the ward was knocked twice, Ruan Sixian looked back and saw Zheng You’an appear at the door.

She was a little confused for a while.

Zheng You’an is even more confused than her.

After standing at the door for two seconds, she stepped back to look at the number of the ward.

It wasn’t until she saw Dong Jing who was lying on the hospital bed that she was sure she had made no mistake.

Compared with Zheng You’an’s surprise, Ruan Sixian was much more calm.

It’s just that she doesn’t know how to talk to her.

Dong Jing didn’t expect Zheng You’an to come suddenly, but fortunately, there was nothing between the children.

So she waved to Zheng You’an: “Is An An here already What are you doing standing at the door Come in quickly.”

Zheng You’an walked in mechanically like a robot and looked at Ruan Sixian up and down, “You…”

Dong Jing glanced at Ruan Sixian and said: “This is Ruan Ruan.

I had told you about her before.

It can be said that…you can call her Elder Sister.”

Zheng You’an: “… Elder Sister”

Dong Jing didn’t directly say ‘this is your mother’s daughter’, but Zheng You’an understood.

It was precisely because she understood it that she was even more confused.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know what to say, so she just let the other party look at herself.

Zheng You’an half-opened her mouth but didn’t know what to say.

That’s not right.

Why is she the only one who is shocked


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