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Ruan Sixian was dragged all the way to his office by him.

There were several assistants sitting outside, all were looking at their own nose, and their noses were pointing towards their own heart, pretending not to see this scene.

The automatic door closed slowly after Ruan Sixian stepped in.

Fu Mingyu took her to sit on the sofa, stared at her neck for a while, and then reached out to unbutton the button on her chest.


Ruan Sixian protected her neck for a second.

“What are you doing”

“Let me see.” Fu Mingyu took her hand away, unbuttoned two buttons, pulled off the collar, and gently slid his fingertips across Ruan Sixian’s skin.

“Does it still hurt”

Isn’t that nonsense

Ruan Sixian didn’t answer.

Her hands on her legs curled up unconsciously.

She feels more embarrassed now compared to the pain in her neck.

The collar was pulled open and it revealed the straps of her black underwear.

“What did the airline’s doctor say” Fu Mingyu looked at it for a while and buttoned it for her again slowly.

“Fortunately, it’s not serious.”

Ruan Sixian raised his eyes to look at him, “Um…I am being complained.”

“Yeah.” Fu Mingyu said, “I know.

It’s not your fault.

The complaint won’t have any effect.”

“Oh.” Ruan Sixian then asked again, “What if he is an important guest”

VIP complaints are directly effective.

“Even if it’s an important guest, I can make no distinction between public and private matters too.” Fu Mingyu sat next to her.

“It’s not the first time anyway.”

Probably because of this clear ’favoritism’, Ruan Sixian’s already self-regulated emotion was hooked out again.

That little bit of grievance of knowing that it was not her fault but still getting accused was suddenly amplified.

She slowly felt like she was particularly wronged.

She lowered her head and twisted her neck, then gave a low hum.

“It seems that being the boss’s girlfriend is still a good thing.”

“You just found out now”

Ruan Sixian looked up at his eyes and saw that her shadow was reflected in the dark whirlpool.

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The thing she thought about last night slowly hovered in her mind again.

Fu Mingyu still owed her a confession.

But it seems a bit superfluous if she is to ask about it again at this time.

“Fu Mingyu, let me tell you something.”


“If one day you don’t like me anymore, just let me know and say it to me personally.

You can call or send a text message too.”


“I won’t pester you or ask you for breakup fees.”


“But you can’t go back on the double annual salary you promised me.

It was clearly signed in the contract.”


Ruan Sixian tugged at his tie.

“Tell me, can you do it or not”

Fu Mingyu has a slight headache now.

Ruan Sixian usually doesn’t seem like a woman who pesters people with ‘do you love me or not’, but once she asks, it’s a proposition instead.

How to answer this question then

Answer it with an ‘Okay’——Die.

Answer it with a ‘No’——Dead without intact body.

“Why did you curse us to break up”

Ruan Sixian shook his tie.

“I am just saying it.”

Fu Mingyu didn’t care what she said.

His mind was focused on her hand pulling the tie.

Whether she really doesn’t know or pretends not to know, but pulling a man’s tie around is a very tempting thing.

He moved closer and pressed down Ruan Sixian’s hand that was holding his tie to stop her from moving.

“If you go find another lover before you say anything to me, I will…”

Ruan Sixian paused and looked at Fu Mingyu who was very close to her.

Hey, I’m being serious here.

Why are you so close to me

“What will you do”

Fu Mingyu asked.

“I will——”

Send a five-kilometers long funeral wreaths for you with your mourning hall in the middle of it.

“Forget it.”

After she finished speaking, she even blinked and smiled.


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