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After going upstairs, Ruan Sixian took a bath, put on the facial mask and sat on the sofa, flipping through her mobile phone.

She thought she should tell her girlfriends about having a boyfriend, so she opened the WeChat group and sent out a message.

[Ruan Sixian]: I happily got myself a boyfriend today.

After half a minute.

[Si Xiaozhen]:

[Bian Xuan]:

[Ruan Sixian]:

[Ruan Sixian]: What’s the matter So shocked

[Si Xiaozhen]: Not really.

Is it President Fu

[Bian Xuan]: What kind of question is this that you are asking Can it even be someone else Is our Ruan Ruan that kind of half-hearted person

That’s not the point.

What do these two people mean

She also felt that it took her all night to digest the fact that Fu Mingyu is her boyfriend now.

[Si Xiaozhen]: So, is it him or not

[Ruan Sixian]: Yes.

[Bian Xuan]: See I knew it.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

[Si Xiaozhen]: Ah! It’s really President Fu! Tell us in detail, what’s going on actually

[Ruan Sixian]: What’s there to be talked about Nothing special about it.

[Si Xiaozhen]: I mean, I want to know how this kind of President character confesses.

Is it particularly cool


Ruan Sixian thought for a moment.

Apart from the sentence ‘don’t you know which type that I like’ tonight, Fu Mingyu didn’t seem to have made a serious confession.

No wonder she always feels something is missing.

That sentence tonight doesn’t count.

Without a formal confession, she was not sure what Fu Mingyu meant to her.

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It seems that he never said even one word of ‘like’ and just took direct action.

[Ruan Sixian]: No.

[Si Xiaozhen]:

[Bian Xuan]: Sure enough, the presidents are all in pursuit of efficiency.

This piece of self-confidence is really squeezed to death.

Really confident, chasing people without confession at all.

The next morning, Ruan Sixian was still thinking about it.

She feels like she is really a little bit rigid and stubborn.

She just went into a relationship with the man even when she hadn’t received a serious confession.

It’s fine if there is only without confession, but he still has to praise the female star on the TV pretty in front of her face on the first day they started the relationship.

Oh, not only that, he can also recall the other party’s name.

Even as someone who often browses through Weibo, she can’t recall her name.

Ruan Sixian suddenly found that maybe she didn’t know that much about Fu Mingyu.

When a woman wants to have a relationship with a man, it seems that they almost have to investigate an entire household register.

But it seems that she knows almost nothing except her boyfriend’s name, age and job

However, there was a long-distance flight today so these things were forcibly left behind by Ruan Sixian at the moment she entered the building of Hengshi Airlines.

The captain she was assigned with in this flight to Xishi city was a middle-aged man.

She wondered if it was a genetic thing or something else because in his fifties, all of his hair was mostly white.

Moreover, he is an extremely serious and unsmiling person.

From the pre-flight collaboration meeting to the plane, he didn’t speak much.

Until he entered the cockpit, he only said “I hope nothing will go wrong today”, with a slight distrust in Ruan Sixian.

It was not Ruan Sixian’s first time encountering this kind of situation and she didn’t take it to heart.

But this is probably the so-called ‘a saying turned out to be a prophecy’.

Today’s flight really encountered a problem.

Seven minutes after taking off, Ruan Sixian, sitting in the co-pilot’s seat, suddenly heard a loud noise.

She immediately turned to see the captain.

The captain also looked at her, pressed the headset and wanted to listen carefully to other movements.

By this time, Ruan Sixian had smelled a burning smell.

“Captain, it may be a bird strike.”

The plane was hit by a bird.

Although the plane is so big, in the air, it is really afraid of birds.


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