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When they just came in, the girl at the table behind them noticed them.

At this moment, she probably heard some of their conversations and she poked her boyfriend with chopsticks.

“Look, her boyfriend seems to be an elite, but even he is willing to come to this kind of small eatery to accompany his girlfriend for dinner.

When I ask you out, I still need to cry, make trouble and hang myself first before you agreed.”

Their conversation drifted into Ruan Sixian’s ears and she looked over calmly.

She saw the young man shaking his head while playing games and said carelessly: “You should have looked at what his girlfriend looks like first.”

The girl was so angry that she pinched the young man fiercely.

While Fu Mingyu still looked down at the screen of his mobile phone, Ruan Sixian’s eyes slowly fell on Fu Mingyu’s side face.

Then she tells herself time and again in her heart.

This is your boyfriend.

The boyfriend you personally admit.

It’s pretty good-looking too, no loss at all.

Thinking of this, she raised her head to watch TV again, but the corner of her mouth quietly made a small arc upwards.

After Fu Mingyu finished replying to the message, he looked up and saw that Ruan Sixian was smiling.

“What are you smiling for”

Ruan Sixian lowered her eyes and glanced at him, “Nothing.”

He said again: “You seem to be very happy today.”


Ruan Sixian pursed her lips and continued to watch the TV on the wall.

“Maybe you just saw it wrong.”

Fu Mingyu put down his mobile phone and didn’t speak.

He followed Ruan Sixian’s gaze and turned around to look at the contents on the TV for a while.

Then he frowned and withdrew his gaze.

“Is the TV show so good”

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She didn’t even take one more look at her new boyfriend.

Ruan Sixian pulled her chin back and her attention was no longer on the TV, but she still pretended as if the situation was peaceful and tried to find something to talk about.

“Not bad.

This female star has suddenly become popular this year.

I feel that she has been acting in many movies and shows.

I have never heard of her before and I can’t even remember her name.

I think she is called Li something Shu…”

Fu Mingyu: “Li Zhihuai.”

Fu Mingyu’s abrupt addition made Ruan Sixian stunned.

She lowered her eyes and teased Fu Mingyu, “It turns out that you still care about these female stars.”

Fu Mingyu had an expression of ‘whatever you say’.

“Then, do you think she is pretty”

“Not bad.”

Not bad

Ruan Sixian felt that Fu Mingyu really didn’t have any desire for survival.

How can he praise another woman in front of his girlfriend

“Oh, is she the type that you like”

Fu Mingyu looked up at her and said faintly, “Don’t you know which type that I like”

He seemed to be caught off guard, making an indirect confession instead

She had just been wondering if there was something lacking between her and Fu Mingyu.

It seems that Fu Mingyu has never made a direct confession nor asked her if she likes him.

He just directly crossed the procedure, kissed and confirmed their relationship.

Hearing this specious but directional remark, Ruan Sixian found that she was quite happy.

It happened that two bowls of clam vermicellis were brought up, and the sour and spicy taste immediately filled the space between the two of them.

She picked up her chopsticks and said: “I will pick the clams for you.”

Fu Mingyu stared at that bowl from a distance, “No need.”

Ruan Sixian began to pick the clams on her own: “My boyfriends have even descended and come down to earth to accompany me.

Just let me serve you then.”

“Then you might as well feed me a bite directly.”


“Why Is my girlfriend embarrassed to do so”

The movement in Ruan Sixian’s hand paused for a while before she slowly squeezed her chopsticks tightly and squinted at him.

So sometimes, she just shouldn’t treat Fu Mingyu too much like a person.

“I can also take on the responsibility to personally feed you three meals a day and turn you over every two hours.

Do you want to try this earth shaking love”

“Turn over I can help you with this.”



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