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While talking, Fu Mingyu opened the pilots details folder in the computer, sorted it according to the flight record score, found the highest one, and saw a photo in the image column.

Pilots are particular about body shape, so the full-length photos are the one attached.

The person above is wearing a student uniform.

A straight white shirt and straight black suit trousers.

She is slender and tall, standing under the wing, with a vigorous look and excellent temperament.

Seems to be without makeup

Fu Mingyu zoomed in on the photo, and saw a face that didn’t even have a face powder on it.

His eyes stilled for a moment, and he always felt a sense of familiarity.

But the feeling flashed by and was denied by himself.

If he had seen this woman, he would have been very impressed.

“President Fu, are you still listening If you think it’s too much, let’s forget it.

It just means that I’m not destined for Hengshi Airlines.

“What” Fu Mingyu clicked the mouse and closed the photo.

“Just now the signal is not good.

I didn’t hear it clearly.”

There seemed to be a chuckle at the other end.

“I said, I want a double annual pay.”

Fu Mingyu opened his mouth and said, “Okay.”

This time it was the turn of the person on the other end of the phone to be stunned.

She didn’t expect him to be so straightforward.

“Are there any other conditions”

“No, no more.”

“Then, happy cooperation”

She changed her tone over there and seemed to have regained her consciousness as she said, “President Fu, do you really want me to come”

Fu Mingyu didn’t know why she said that.

He only felt that his patience was really excellent today.

Maybe it’s because he disdains the look of that Little President Yan of Beihang that always can’t get along with him.

But the image under the plane’s wing flashed through his mind.

“Well, I’m looking forward to it.”

“Then, I’ll think about it again.”

She seems a little bit reluctant.

After the call was hung up, Fu Mingyu’s hand was still holding the posture of answering the phone, and he was stunned for a moment.

Is it that Hengshi Airlines has a bad reputation in the pilot circles

According to reason, it is impossible.

Hengshi Airlines is absolutely the industry leader in terms of employee benefits.

Fu Mingyu put down his mobile phone and thought for a while.

He didn’t know where the problem was.

In the interval of waiting, he opened her resume again.

As soon as the mouse reached the photo, the phone rang again.

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It is still Bo Yang’s call.

Fu Mingyu pauses for a moment and answers the phone, but Bo Yang is still talking over there.

“Anything else”

Bo Yang ran out into the corridor again at the moment and said in a low voice, “President Fu, have you really thought it out Double the annual salary.

Although the salary is confidential, it’s not good to let other pilots know about it.

“I know.”


“Make the contract.” Fu Mingyu said, “The other part of the annual salary will be taken from my account.”


“Don’t be long-winded.” Fu Mingyu didn’t want to talk to him too much, “When the time comes, you get a double contract.

The other one is a reward contract given by me personally, without involving the Finance Department, and the tax will also be taken from my account.”

“But she said she still has to think about it.”

“It’s okay.

Let her think about it.”

Fu Mingyu loosened a button of his suit and rubbed his brow bone.

In a blink of an eye, it was four o’clock in the afternoon, and seven hours have passed since the end of the call.

Fu Mingyu never felt that seven hours was so long.

He sat in the conference room, a group of people talked about the plan for the first flight of ACJ31.

It made him headache just by listening to it.

During this period, he looked at Bo Yang twice and pointed to his mobile phone, which meant to ask if there was a phone call from the Flight Academy.

Bo Yang only shook his head.

At this time, the meeting had come to an end.

All the people in the planning department looked at Fu Mingyu and waited for his instructions.

In front of Fu Mingyu, there were three planning books, which were spread out one by one, but his line of sight simply did not fall on them.

The whole conference room was silent for three seconds, and everyone looked at Fu Mingyu with trepidation.

He didn’t seem to hear what they said at all, and his expression at this time was as if there is a ‘You are not worthy of the ACJ31 plane I bought at a high price’ written on his face.


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