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He lowered his eyes, looked at the epaulettes and buttons on her clothes, and then his eyes moved inch by inch toward her waist…

When Fu Mingyu woke up in the middle of the night, he opened his eyes and looked out of the window.

The moonlight was shining brightly and it’s shape was curved like the smile at the corner of his mouth.

He took a long breath and got up to take the second bath tonight.

At five o’clock in the morning, the alarm clock went off on time.

Ruan Sixian opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling.

She blinked and it was only after a long time that she pulled back her mind.

She still felt a little hot all over.

She patted her chest and immediately got up and got out of bed to wash.

Regardless of whether there is a flight mission or not on the day, her morning jog is a habit that cannot be beaten even by thunder.

In addition to maintaining her physical fitness, it also plays a calming role.

An hour and a half later, Ruan Sixian appeared in the Hengshi Airlines building.

Early in the morning is always the busiest time.

The flight crew pulls the flight case and enters the building from various passages.

The rolling sound from the wheel sounded heavy and disorderly.

Papers in the Dispatch Department were flying all over the sky, and the phone calls in the Flight Planning Department never stopped.

Ruan Sixian met the crew members on her way and they walked towards the meeting room together.

There were whispering and chatting in her ears, all mixed into one, but these voices flew from her ears into the void the moment she saw Fu Mingyu’s figure.

Fu Mingyu seemed to feel something too.

Standing at the end of the glass corridor, he turned his head and glanced lightly before continuing to walk to the elevator.

Many people followed behind him, and they didn’t notice his subtle movements.

But Ruan Sixian knew that he was looking at her.

It was probably because of what happened last night that Ruan Sixian now felt the meaning of their eyes meeting each other’s from such a long distance was not so simple.

The temperature of her cheeks began to turn abnormal again.

What are you doing actually

Can you calm down a little

Isn’t it just a kiss

Isn’t it just a battle of the tongue

What are you blushing for

Even him is so expressionless as if nothing had happened.

Why are you blushing!

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She lightly coughed and raised his feet to walk towards the meeting room.

The next second, her mobile phone rings.

As if she had some premonition, she took out her phone and looked at it, and it really turned out to be a message from Fu Mingyu.

[Fu Mingyu]: Send me a message after landing on the return flight.

See He is so calm.

The captain came early today and the flight order had already been signed too, even the fuel had also been refilled.

So they just went straight to the main subject as soon as everyone arrived.

The weather is good, the route is familiar, and there are no important guests, so the collaborative meeting just took a very short time.

After the meeting ended, their group of people was ready to board the plane.

As it was still early, a flight attendant pulled Ruan Sixian to the terminal to buy food.

Today is the weekend and there are so many people in the terminal.

Zheng You’an and Dong Xian walked to the first-class lounge.

The complaints that had been suppressed for a whole night haven’t been finished even after ten minutes of talking.

“Originally, I hated Fu Mingyu for only seven points, but when I drank with her that night, she complained more accurately than me, which made my dislike for him rise to ten points.

But the result is, she soon got together with Fu Mingyu.

What kind of scheming route is this Did she do it deliberately Or is it me who has too little knowledge, that people can actually repel their love rival using this method”

Dong Xian listened to Zheng You’an’s complaints all the way, though she did not know who she was talking about.

She also felt that it was just a trick between children and didn’t take it seriously.

“The past is over.

Why do you still keep it in mind”

“That’s not it.

I just can’t figure it out.

I always feel like I’ve been fooled.”

Dong Xian slowed down and looked at her slowly.

“Do you still like Fu Mingyu”

“Are you kidding” Zheng You’an rolled her eyes.

“Now I even think that Brother Yan’an is better than him.”


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