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This feeling is so magical.

After Ruan Sixian came home, she leaned against the door and stayed in a daze there for a while.

She and Fu Mingyu actually kissed.

Up to now, she still felt his breath all over her, and that kind of sound seemed to still linger in her ears.

Her brain seems to be out of control, driven by primitive hormones.

When the elevator door opened, even though she was tightly blocked by Fu Mingyu, she could still imagine the old lady outside the door showing the expression of ‘an old man looking at the phone in the subway[1]’ when she saw them.

When Ruan Sixian thought of this, her legs softened and she almost fell down and sat down on the floor in her house.

This is too terrible.

What kind of poison did Fu Mingyu give her He even has so many different ways of kissing her which she completely can’t withstand at all.

If it hadn’t been for the kick she gave him in the end, he might have never thought of stopping.

Maybe the alcohol has gone up to his brain.

She doesn’t know if he is really drunk or actually sober tonight.

Ruan Sixian slowly dawdled into the living room.

When she passed a cabinet with a mirror, she saw that there was not much of her lipstick left on her lips.

The original bright red color had turned into a layer of faint orange red and it was smeared into a mess on the corners of her lips.

It seemed to remind Ruan Sixian of what she had just done with Fu Mingyu.

Ruan Sixian changed her clothes, lay down in the bathtub and took a bath for a long time.

Her mobile phone kept ringing and it felt so deadly annoying.

She grabbed it and took a look.

It was Si Xiaozhen and Bian Xuan chatting in the group.

Si Xiaozhen sent several screenshots of Korean dramas in the group.

[Si Xiaozhen]: Wu wu wu, this elevator kiss makes my heart beat.

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Ruan Sixian: “…”

She let go of her mobile phone and stared at the ceiling for a while.

She felt that it was still beating fast, so she picked it up and looked at it again.

There’s no need to say, the posture in that screenshot is really a bit like them today.

The male lead is also wearing a suit, blocking the female lead in the corner and kissing.

Even his back looks a bit like Fu Mingyu.

[Si Xiaozhen]: Wu wu wu, when will it be my turn to have such a sweet kiss I’ve even set my posture already.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

[Si Xiaozhen]: Wu wu wu, I want a man who presses me on the elevator and kisses me deeply.

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Ruan Sixian looked at the screen from the beginning to the end without giving any reaction in the group at all.

She was lying in the bathtub and her heartbeat had not yet slowed down.

The heat lingered and her whole person was dizzy.

She felt that she was kissed into confusion by Fu Mingyu today.

Today, the weather was bad during the day.

The dark clouds were crumbling but the heavy rain would not fall.

At night, the moonlight lifted the dense fog and revealed its big ass out.

Fu Mingyu walked downstairs and rubbed his lips with his thumb.

Under the moonlight, the faint residue of the pearly lipstick can be seen on his fingertip.

The driver was still waiting by the side of the road.

After he got in the car, he drew a tissue and wiped off the lipstick on his mouth.

The lipstick residue on his lips is transferred to the white tissue, with a faint color of red.

The visual stimulation instantly brought the memories of the senses back.

Fu Mingyu rubbed his neck and recalled the scene just now.

When the elevator door was about to close again, Ruan Sixian seemed to wake up from a dream and subconsciously bit him.

Her strength was not small, and the corners of his mouth still hurt a bit.

And she put her hands on his chest, panting and in a trance for a long time, blushing to the root of her neck before she said: “If someone in your family is ill but you still doesn’t want to go back but wanting to do this and do that instead Fu Mingyu are you still a human!”

He doesn’t know whether he should be angry or feel funny instead.

Fu Mingyu rubbed the tissue in his hand and there was a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

“Go to Huguang Mansion.”

Before, Helan Xiang suddenly called him and said that Doudou was ill, half paralyzed and dying.

She asked him to go back and see his dog.

[1] an old man looking at the phone in the subway: like this…


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