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The warmth was like being branded on her forehead and didn’t dissipate after a long time.

Even the temperature on her cheeks is also rising sharply, making this shallow hug with just leaning her head turned unusual too.

Ruan Sixian felt that it was getting harder and harder to keep pretending that she was asleep.

If Fu Mingyu looked back, he would see her eyelashes trembling so unnaturally.

However, the temperature of his body makes her feel attached to him,and  the arc of his arm is just right without a sense of shackle at all.

Solid but also with a gentle feeling in it.

One more second at most.

Ruan Sixian thought so while feeling that she almost couldn’t pretend any longer.

There was a stream of heat in her chest.

It was boiling, rampaging and about to break through her chest.

She frowned tightly.

Just as she was about to open her eyes, a mobile phone rang in the car.

It’s Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone.

He took out his mobile phone with his other hand, put it to his ear and spoke softly.

Taking advantage when his attention was on his other hand, Ruan Sixian took a breath.

“Huh Sick”

Fu Mingyu’s posture remained unchanged, but he looked down at Ruan Sixian’s sleeping face, and his voice became even lower.

“Okay, I know.

I will be back later.”

After a few short sentences, he hung up the phone and the quietness inside the car continued.

With this interruption, the tightness in Ruan Sixian’s chest slowly loosened.

Although her heart still beats abnormally, it is much calmer than before.

The sound of Fu Mingyu’s steady breathing was in her ears, and the faint fragrance from his body lingered on the tip of her nose.

Ruan Sixian kept leaning against his arm, but felt his hand tighten on her shoulder.

The nervous feeling came back again because of the temperature in his palm.

At the same time, he tilted his head and gently rubbed his chin against the top of her head.

Ruan Sixian didn’t know why she was so nervous at this time.

Now, it’s even more difficult for her to hold herself than when the kiss landed on her forehead just now.

Obviously, the hug last night was more intimate than the hug at this moment.

There were undulating whistle sounds outside the car window and at this moment, it even sounded like romantic music, with a quiet and ordinary pleasant feeling in it.

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Although it was difficult for her to calm down, Ruan Sixian uncontrollably hoped for this road to be a little longer and a little longer.

She began to think about what happened today and slowly found a reason for herself.

Perhaps it is because today’s hug has no comfort and no desire to absorb a sense of security.

It is simply the hug of a man and a woman.

The most primitive and direct expression of affection, like a pair of lovers who have been in love for a long time, leaning together naturally.

She took another long breath.

The breathing of the nasal cavity can no longer maintain oxygen to her brain.

Fu Mingyu, this man, is sometimes too terrible.

His warm water[1] comes so naturally that it makes people won’t feel a sense of offense at all and unknowingly fall for it.

She even never imagined that one day she would lean against his arm like this and be kissed on the forehead by him.

She had no resistance at all and even recalled the taste over and over again in her heart.

Until she felt the car slowly stop.

They should have reached the gate of the Mingchen Apartment.

Thinking of the phone call he just answered, Ruan Sixian felt that she couldn’t drag it on anymore.

Someone in his family was sick.

Ruan Sixian slowly opened her eyes.

Fu Mingyu didn’t notice it and still calmly looked ahead.

She coughed lightly and straightened her upper body slowly.

“Wake up already” Fu Mingyu looked at her sideways, his breath brushed her face and his arm naturally let go of her.

Ruan Sixian didn’t look at him.

She turned her head and stared out of the car window.

She thought of the phone he had just answered.

Someone at his home should be sick and waiting for him to go back, so she said: “Just drop me here will do.”

When the driver heard Ruan Sixian’s words, he looked back at Fu Mingyu.

Fu Mingyu just said: “Just send her in.”

Ruan Sixian pursed her lips and didn’t speak.

She looked at her own reflection in the car window and quietly touched her face.

The car slowly drove underground after passing through the brake bar and Ruan Sixian had also adjusted her expression to the most natural state.

When Ruan Sixian opened the door, she felt that Fu Mingyu also opened the door on the other side.

She hurriedly said: “It’s fine with just dropping me here.”

Fu Mingyu supported himself on the car door with his arm and looked at her.

He didn’t say anything and just walked around to her side, “I will send you up.”


Ruan Sixian followed him into the elevator hall in silence.

While waiting for the elevator, Ruan Sixian’s fingers tightly grabbed the shoulder strap of her backpack uncontrollably.

She found that when she calmed down, her mood began to be unstable again.

Fu Mingyu was standing next to her, speaking nothing as usual, but it seemed to be different than usual.

[1] refers to the idiom: boiling the frog in warm water (changing the environment slowly so that the transformation won’t be easily noticed).


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