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Didn’t both of them agree that all men are big pig hooves But in the end someone chews it more happily than anyone else

How could there be such a person

Or is this a new modern tactic to repel love enemies

Yan’an glanced at her sideways and saw that her expression was broken, and her pace even slowed down.

Thinking of what happened between her and Fu Mingyu, while she still had to come and sit with him for a while today, Yan’an suddenly understood her mental state at this time.

“Are you unhappy”

The corners of Zheng You’an’ mouth twitched, “What’s there to be unhappy about”

She just feels betrayed.

Yan’an narrowed his eyes, “But I am not happy.


After playing mahjong for a whole afternoon, not to mention how it drained the physical strength, it was also a mental exercise.

So now, the atmosphere at the dining table is much more relaxed.

After everyone knew that Fu Mingyu’s progress was different from what they had imagined, they stopped teasing these two people.

Listening to them chatting about work, Ruan Sixian didn’t participate in the topic the entire time and only focused on eating.

But she could still feel the death gaze from Zheng You’an from time to time.

Being stared at so much, Ruan Sixian feels really guilty so she had to pretend not to see it.

But when she was about to eat a piece of stewed pork leg, the eyes on the other side were cold, staring at her so much that she had lost her appetite.

Just after putting down the chopsticks, Zheng You’an looked at her with her chin raised and opened her mouth to say: “What’s wrong Is this pig’s hoof not to your taste I just saw that you ate very well.”

Ruan Sixian passed over her heavy gaze, “It tastes fine.

I am just full.”

Fu Mingyu next to her looked back at her, “Don’t want to eat a little bit more”

Ruan Sixian reluctantly pulled out a smile: “No, thank you.”

Upon seeing this, Ji Yan asked the waiter to serve Ruan Sixian some desserts.

He was the oldest among them and has been playing the role of an elder brother, taking care of everyone since childhood.

He saw that Ruan Sixian had finished her meal, and also thought that Yan’an didn’t talk much all day and even drank solitary wine by himself during the dinner time, he asked: “By the way, Yan’an, how are you and the female pilot from Hengshi Airlines Did you succeed in chasing her”

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Ruan Sixian choked on the expensive bird’s nest in coconut milk.

Fu Mingyu gave Ji Yan a silent look, but the other party didn’t realize that there was anything wrong.

He didn’t come to Zhu Dong’s girlfriend’s birthday party last time.

He didn’t know the situation.

At this time, he was really concerned about his friend’s emotional state.

“How is the situation” Zheng You’an asked casually, “Are you still chasing the female pilot of Hengshi Airlines”

Zhu Dong didn’t care when he heard them ask this.

There was nothing that needed to be avoided from this kind of question.

He just felt a little pathetic for Yan’an as his scar was being uncovered again, so he helped him answer: “It’s all in the past already, don’t mention it again.”

Yan’an was also very helpless when he was cued and could only drink a lot of wine in one gulp, pretending to be drunk and didn’t hear it.

But reality tells Ruan Sixian that money is not so easy to earn.

As soon as Zhu Dong’s voice fell, his girlfriend asked: “By the way, Miss Ruan, where do you work”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

For the first time in her life, she was so ashamed to say her career.

“Oh… I work for Hengshi Airlines.”

“What do you do”

Zheng You’an suddenly blinked and rushed to answer: “She is the female pilot of Hengshi Airlines.”


The atmosphere at the scene suddenly solidified because of Zheng You’an’s words.

Several lines of sight flashed at Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu.

She covered her mouth with a cry of “Ah”, and directly broke the embarrassment hidden in the air.

Ruan Sixian smiled stiffly, and the hand under the table severely pinched Fu Mingyu’s thigh.

Fu Mingyu held her hand, but his face was calm as he looked at Zheng You’an.

“Yes, she is indeed the female pilot that I finally managed to recruit after so much effort.

What’s wrong”

The implication is very clear and the subtext is tough.

Zheng You’an even doesn’t know what to say for a moment.

Finally, the topic came to an abrupt end when Yan’an, who had drunk so much that his face was flushed and his neck swelled, thumped on the table.

The meal ended early with everyone’s forced smile.


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