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Ruan Sixian stood up and walked towards Fu Mingyu.

She is tall and has long legs.

It only takes a few steps to walk these two or three meters, but she walks very slowly.

Several people behind her only thought that she was shy and looked at her back with some interest.

Only Fu Mingyu on the sofa could clearly see Ruan Sixian’s eyes.

She looked at him directly, and only in the dim light could he see that there was fine glitter makeup on the eyelids.

It brought along a little golden light, which complemented the shimmering in her eyes.

It looks very beautiful, but it’s not so gentle.

When she approached and bent over, the two looked at each other and exchanged their gazes at that moment.

Ruan Sixian’s eyes seemed to say ‘if you dare to have any evil thoughts today, you will appear on the straw boat tomorrow’.

A moment later, Fu Mingyu raised his arm and spread the chips in his palm.


Ruan Sixian smiled and grabbed the chips from his hand and said: “Thank you, President Fu.

I will be ashamed if I just take it for free too.

So, if I lose, just deduct it from my bonus then.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her and chuckled lightly.

Around going around for 800 circles, wasn’t it also him who paid for it in the end

Ruan Sixian took the chips and turned around, “Let’s continue.

It is still early and we won’t know on whose hand the deer will die.”


Everyone suddenly felt a little gloating and glanced back and forth at Fu Mingyu.

They originally thought the ‘friend’ that Fu Mingyu brought with him here was actually a ‘girlfriend’ with the ‘girl’ word hidden, but it seems that it’s still far from it now.

After taking her seat, Ruan Sixian had just touched the mahjong piece and then suddenly called a halt.

“Wait a minute, I will go to the bathroom first.”

She stood up and pointed at Fu Mingyu, “Don’t touch my pieces and wait until I come back to do it myself.”

There is an independent bathroom in the room.

After Ruan Sixian closed the door, both Zhu Dong and Ji Yan looked at Fu Mingyu with a rejoicing smile.

Have you seen it

She doesn’t acknowledge your superiority.

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Only Yan’an actually laughed in that room, but it was just a sneer too.

He settled the mahjong pieces in his hands, turned around and asked Fu Mingyu: “President Fu, don’t you think this is the advantage of being rich”

Fu Mingyu ignored him, got up, put the remaining chips in the tray on Ruan Sixian’s table and went back to the sofa.

Sometimes it is taboo to interrupt in the game.

For example, Ruan Sixian went to the bathroom and when she came back, everyone suspected that she had changed her hands.

It took an hour to clearly arrange a drama of ‘turning against the wind’ for everyone.

She looked like a money harvester with no emotions.

In the whole process, they saw her continuously win the game one round after another, killing and cutting decisively without mercy at all.

Every time they see her collecting the money with her shining red-eyes, Zhu Dong and Ji Yan even vaguely feel that she is taking revenge.

At the end of the game, Ruan Sixian cleared the account and said triumphantly: “I have won it all back now.”

Fu Mingyu raised his eyebrows slightly and said: “Amazing.”

After the voice fell, there was a subtle silence in the room.

In the end, the situation turned out to become like this.

Zhu Dong and Ji Yan didn’t expect it, and Zhu Dong’s girlfriend even vaguely felt that her own self-righteous help today might have been a disservice instead.

Everyone got up and walked to the restaurant together.

Zhu Dong asked Zheng You’an if she wanted to join them, and she didn’t refuse.

She just got more and more confused.

On the way to the restaurant, she turned her head and asked Yan’an in a low voice: “What is the relationship between the two of them”

Yan’an tilted his neck and looked at his mobile phone: “Just as you see.”

“What is it”

Yan’an raised his head, glanced at Fu Mingyu in front of him and said coldly: “When did you see Fu Mingyu bring a woman out to play cards and even let her lose however much she wants”

This sentence broke all the confusion tonight and made it clear to Zheng You’an.

She looked incredulously at the two people walking side by side in front of her.


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