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Fu Mingyu just heard a peacock’s sense of pride in her tone.

After entering the hall, Ruan Sixian and Fu Mingyu walked side by side with the waiter towards the elevator.

There is a secluded and long mural corridor on the top floor.

In order to highlight the artistic conception, only wall lamps are used for illuminating.

It was dim and quiet, and even the sound of footsteps stepping on the carpet couldn’t be heard.

Zheng You’an came out from the room on the side and saw the back of a figure that she suspected was Fu Mingyu at a glance.

She paused slightly and wanted to take a closer look, but the two people turned the corner into another hallway.

Why is it a suspicion

Because she saw the side face of the woman next to him when they turned the corner, it seemed to be Ruan Sixian.

On this thought, she became confused again.

The man next to her shouldn’t be Fu Mingyu, right

But she won’t even get this wrong.

Not all the men that were casually pulled out of the crowd will have the kind of Fu Mingyu’s figure.

Then, the woman next to him, is it Ruan Sixian

Zheng You’an became more confused as she thought about it, not knowing whether she was dazzled or her memory was disordered.

On the other side, the waiter opened the door of the room.

Zhu Dong and others looked up and saw Fu Mingyu.

They were about to say a few words and then they saw a woman appeared next to him.

The greeting words were immediately swallowed.

Zhu Dong and Ji Yan’s gaze went around Fu Mingyu and Ruan Sixian’s body seamlessly.

The meaning of inquiring was very obvious.

“You are already here Who is this”

Fu Mingyu strolled in, scanned the seats and said: “A friend.”

After speaking, he turned around and asked: “Where do you want to sit”

Ruan Sixian: “It’s all fine.”

He pointed to a position in the north, “You first”

It means to let her play directly.

Ruan Sixian was a little uncomfortable under the gazes of the people in the room.

She whispered, “I am out of practice.

I will have a look first.”

“Okay, you sit next to me.”

The waiter immediately lifted a chair and put it next to Fu Mingyu in the same angle as Zhu Dong’s girlfriend.

After she sat down, Zhu Dong said: “Introduce her to us first”

Fu Mingyu put his arm on the back of Ruan Sixian’s chair and stared at Zhu Dong: “Ruan Sixian.”

“Oh, Miss Ruan.” Zhu Dong got up and stretched out his hand, “Zhu Dong, Fu Mingyu’s childhood friend.”

Ruan Sixian was a little dazed by his sudden solemnity, but she didn’t show it on her face.

She shook hands with him calmly, and then his girlfriend nodded to Ruan Sixian.

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After that, Ji Yan naturally got up and said hello to her.

Some things didn’t need to be said clearly.

They would just naturally understand it and there was no need to ask more.

Each and every one of them were calm and composed, giving Ruan Sixian a relaxed environment.

But this is what they think.

How could Ruan Sixian not feel the undercurrent atmosphere.

It’s just that since she had decided to come, she had already predicted this kind of situation in advance too.

Fu Mingyu glanced at the clock and asked: “Are we still waiting for anyone else”

Ji Yan: “Yan’an will arrive soon.”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

She sat upright and quietly kicked Fu Mingyu at the bottom of the table.

Is he making trouble

“Yan’an” Fu Mingyu coughed softly.

In order to show that he didn’t know the situation, he deliberately asked: “Did you call him”

“My elder brother has to take care of something so we found a spare tire.” Ji Yan asked, “What’s wrong”

“Nothing.” Fu Mingyu nodded, “It doesn’t matter.”

The voice fell and he was kicked again.

Fu Mingyu turned his head to look at her: “What do you want to eat”

Ruan Sixian smiled dignifiedly, but her eyes showed a fierce light.

Gritting her teeth, she said: “No, thank you.”

Zhu Dong chuckled: “You are quite polite.”

Being interrupted by this, Ruan Sixian immediately returned to her normal expression, but she had already chopped Fu Mingyu 10,000 times in her heart.

During the few minutes waiting for Yan’an, Fu Mingyu took out his mobile phone, turned it over and slid down.

A few minutes ago, there were two WeChat messages from Zheng You’an.

[Zheng You’an]: Are you at Warner manor

[Zheng You’an]: I seem to see you just now.


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