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When he said this, there was a shallow smile at the corners of his mouth, which looked very indecent.

Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a moment, then raised her hand and patted him on the cheek lightly before she jumped off the sofa.

“What a nice try.”

Fu Mingyu stood up slowly, feeling quite helpless.

“Okay, you owe me one then.”

She thought he was indeed very good at finding himself a step down.

Ruan Sixian turned and ignored him, picked up the empty water glass and put it in the kitchen sink to wash.

Fu Mingyu followed behind her, and asked her while being accompanied by the faint sound of running water: “You are not sad anymore”

Ruan Sixian wiped the glass vigorously and only hummed a sound.

“I’m going back then.”

Ruan Sixian lowered her head and said “Thank you” in an almost inaudible way.

Fu Mingyu didn’t hear it, but when he walked halfway, he turned his head and asked, “Are you free tomorrow afternoon”


“Accompany me to go out”

“Where to”

“Friends gathering.”

Ruan Sixian turned her head and looked at him.

Although she didn’t speak, her eyes clearly showed the question of ‘why do you bring me to your gathering with your friends’.

He wondered whether she really doesn’t understand it, or she pretends not to understand it.

Fu Mingyu stretched his neck to the left and to the right, and the sound of his sigh was very long.

“Those who have wives will bring their wives, and those who have girlfriends will bring their girlfriends.

I don’t want to go alone.”

He said that as if it was so pitiful.

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It turns out to be so.” Ruan Sixian turned around and continued to wipe the glass, with the tip of her eyebrows raised slightly.

“You can choose to not go there.”


Fu Mingyu looked down at her, not sure if he had just seen a light smile at the corner of her mouth.

“I will double the quarterly bonus.

Do you want to go or not”

Ruan Sixian put down the glass fiercely with a ‘bang’ sound, and made an expression of ‘do you think I will give in for money’.

After a few seconds of silence.

“What time tomorrow”

That’s right.

It is better for her not to let the money-making business go.

“Two o’clock.” Fu Mingyu slowly withdrew from the kitchen, raised his chin towards her and said with a smile, “I will pick you up.”

The autumn rain is intermittent.

It starts to fall again at night and lingers until morning.

The rain fell together with the temperature.

Ruan Sixian seldom slept so restlessly.

As dawn approached, she had a dream.

The dream was broken and illogical, but it was connected with each other.

The scenes flashed in front of her like a revolving lantern but instead of being on the scene, she was like a movie viewer.

First, she saw the wall that she used to turn over when she was a child collapsed suddenly, but it was the dressing table belonging to Dong Xian at home that was smashed.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Dong Xian sitting in front of the window with a palette and painting oil paintings, as if she hadn’t heard the sound.

Ruan Sixian approached and saw what’s on the oil painting was her appearance when she grew up.

The last memory of the dream was blurred here.

When Ruan Sixian opened her eyes again, the clock on the wall had already pointed to eight o’clock.

She sat up like a carp.

Didn’t want to immerse herself in the mood of her dream, she immediately got out of bed and washed.

There is safety training this morning and if there’s no accident, it should be carried out until noon.

However, Fu Mingyu said that the time was two o’clock in the afternoon.

She originally wanted to get up earlier and dress up in advance, but now she seems to have no more spare time.

However, after working hard to catch up, she still managed to return home at 12:30 and set aside an hour and a half for herself.

An hour and a half is really not enough.

It took half an hour just to wash her hair and then blow dry it.

After putting on makeup, there were only twenty minutes left, but she stood in front of the wardrobe and hesitated.

It’s getting colder again today.

The weather application prompted to keep warm, but after Ruan Sixian turned over several coats, she either thinks this one is too gorgeous or that one is too thick and will make her look like a bear if she wears it.

She finally selected two items to be sent to Bian Xuan and Si Xiaozhen for reference.

[Bian Xuan]: So serious Where are you going anyway

Is it serious

It seems a bit so.


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