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Chapter 45.4


Seeing that Ruan Sixian’s eyes were red, the old lady immediately picked up the dog and apologized: “Oh, little girl, I’m sorry.

My dog is a bit fierce but it doesn’t bite people.

Don’t be afraid.”

Ruan Sixian didn’t speak and trotted all the way into the elevator.

In the ten seconds between the elevator rising up and opening its door again, Ruan Sixian already arrived on her floor before she could even tidy up her expression.

She took the flight case and rubbed her eyes as she walked towards her house.

The voice-activated light turned on.

When she looked up, she saw Fu Mingyu standing at the door of her house.

“Where have you been”

“Why are you here”

The two spoke in unison, and after Fu Mingyu finished, he saw that Ruan Sixian’s expression was wrong.

He approached slowly, leaned close to Ruan Sixian’s face and smelled her, “Have you been drinking again”

This time, Ruan Sixian didn’t deny it, only gave a low hum, and then went around Fu Mingyu to open the door.

She walked into the living room and put down the flight case.

Fu Mingyu followed behind her and stood next to the TV.

“I saw your message after I was done with my busy work.

I called you but no one answered.”

“Oh, I didn’t check my mobile phone.


Ruan Sixian turned around and looked at Fu Mingyu.

Her throat suddenly feels itchy.

Just now, she had turned on the light in the hallway in passing and it penetrated into the living room.

The light dimly shone on Fu Mingyu’s body.

It was so illustrious that it seemed as if this person was not real.

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But even so, the man standing there actually made Ruan Sixian feel like she wanted a hug.

Ruan Sixian touched her lower abdomen.

It may be due to the recent ovulation period and the excessive oxytocin secretion produces this kind of feeling.

Just drink more water to speed up her  metabolism then.

She looked at Fu Mingyu and said: “President Fu, I want to drink water.”

Fu Mingyu looked into her eyes and tried to see something from her eyes.

A few seconds later, he gave up, turned and went to the kitchen to pour a glass of hot water.

When he came out, Ruan Sixian had already taken off her shoes and sat on the sofa, curling up her legs and holding her knees.

Fu Mingyu handed her the water glass.

Ruan Sixian took it, drank it all in one breath, and finally choked.

Fu Mingyu sat next to her and patted her on the back.

There was less than a punch of distance between the two of them.

When he reached out and patted Ruan Sixian on the back, his arm formed a circle around her body.

When the palm fell gently, it seemed like he was hugging her.

But the next second he lifted it up again, and the sense of being surrounded disappeared immediately, followed by an empty feeling in her heart.

Every second, Ruan Sixian wanted to grasp the fleeting feeling of embrace and wanted him not to lift his hand and just put it on her back like before instead.

“What’s the matter with you”

Fu Mingyu didn’t wait for an answer and looked down at her.

Instead, she completely buried her face in her knees.

The whole figure was like a baby tucked in the mother’s womb.

“Do you want a hug”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Before she could figure out what to say, Fu Mingyu suddenly reached out his hand around her and pressed her head against his chest.

“If you don’t speak, I will take it as your acquiescence.”

Of course Ruan Sixian had nothing to say.

She has no sense of security at all now and wants to have an embrace to rely on indulgently.

The temperature in his arms was just right, and there was a clear and pleasant smell too.

Ruan Sixian sniffed greedily for a while with her face pressed tightly against his chest, and feeling a little itchy wave one after another.

The room was quiet and silent.

The rain had begun to fall again outside the window.

The autumn rain is more lingering than the spring rain.

It passes through the leaves sparsely and sends out bursts of tender sounds.

It is entangled with the sound of Fu Mingyu’s breathing, and it is difficult to distinguish them.

After a long unknown time later, the rain stopped and the lights of thousands of houses outside gradually went out.

Ruan Sixian felt that some fine hair was brushed to her cheek by Fu Mingyu’s breath, which made her feel itchy, so she moved her position.

A voice suddenly sounded above her head.

“Don’t rub again.

If you rub again, I will charge you with interest.”

Ruan Sixian looked up within a second, “What interest”

She straightened her waist to look at Fu Mingyu, and his hand naturally slipped onto her waist.

Fu Mingyu tilted his head and looked down at her, “For example, a kiss”


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