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However, the discussion is only discussion.

Everyone is usually so busy with their work and their livelihoods.

After a few weeks, only the crew members of the fourth cabin crew department who were still talking about it occasionally.

Then in a few more weeks after that, only people who are more familiar with Ruan Sixian were still talking about it.

And then…the name of ‘Ruan Sixian’ only exists in Hengshi Airlines’ reference room where outdated journals are kept.

Year after year, the paddy fields next to the airport have ripened three times, and a large field has been developed and extended into a runway.

The Hengshi Airlines’ old personnels were replaced by the new ones.

Occasionally, when the Purser and the Captain are having a chat, they will mention the word ‘Ruan Sixian’.

The flight attendant under them will be confused.

Who are they talking about

Later, after the third year, even the Pursers did not mention Ruan Sixian that much anymore.

Ruan Xian left when she was at her most beautiful time.

But she didn’t expect her reputation to be like a bubble, dissipated so quickly in the waves.

In these past three years, a lot of changes have taken place inside the Hengshi Airlines.

The chairman of the board of directors gradually devolves his power, and now he only controls the affairs of the Hengshi Financial Aviation Leasing Company, while the two sons of the chairman, the older one, controls the business department and connects with overseas business at the same time.

Fu Mingyu, the little President, has become more and more powerful.

At the beginning, the chairman of the board specially sent Executive Assistant Hu, who was treated as the vice president of the board of directors, to assist Fu Mingyu.

Now, there is no need for Executive Assistant Hu’s help anymore so he had returned to his original position.

Fu Mingyu alone is in charge of all business support departments and then he becomes the Operations Director.

There are also some small gossip, such as about the Chairman’s eldest son, the Eldest Fu, that he and his fiancee’s engagement is broken.

Fu Mingyu’s secretary became the General Manager of North Africa Business Department, and a new handsome secretary came in.

And Jiang Ziyue, the Purser, was in a relationship with Captain Yue who was transferred back to the Jiangcheng base.

They are so affectionate every day.

Newcomers from the flight attendant department came in one after another, each as beautiful as a flower, and they became the new ‘flower’ of the Hengshi Airlines.

With their outstanding beauty, they appeared in internal magazines and periodicals.

The guests never forget after reading them.

The male employees in the company were also ready to make a move.

No one seems to remember Ruan Sixian.

A year later, Ruan Sixian was mentioned again because someone saw this new ‘flower’ of Hengshi Airlines and suddenly said: “I think this Ni Tong looks a bit similar to Ruan Sixian.”

Some people also disagreed, “Where is she similar At most, she could be considered as a low outline of Ruan Sixian.”

After Ni Tong knew this statement, she was very upset and ran to ask Jiang Ziyue.

“Master, who is Ruan Sixian”

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“She…” Jiang Ziyue raised her eyebrows, hummed, but did not continue it.

Ni Tong pestered her and asked, “Are you a colleague with her before”

Jiang Ziyue said yes, and Ni Tong asked: “They said that I am a little bit similar to her.

Do you have any photos I want to see it.

She just wanted to see, for what reason she was underestimated.

Jiang Ziyue said, “Where is the similarity You look better than her.

Ni Tong was still unhappy after listening, “Let me just take a look at the photo.”

Jiang Ziyue had to go to Ruan Sixian’s WeChat.

Just like how she used to click in to read, the line ‘The circle of friends only showed the updates from the last three days’.

There was nothing on it.

So she said: “What kind of comparison do you want to have with her Do you want to resign as sullenly as her”

Ni Tong blinked, “What do you mean”

Jiang Ziyue shook her head and told the past gossip three years ago with great emotion.

After listening to it, Ni Tong almost bent over with laughter.

“Is that true She is too much, isn’t it”

Jiang Ziyue raised her eyebrows, “That’s right.”

However, this is not particularly comforting for Ni Tong.

She still cares very much about the words of ‘low outline of Ruan Sixian’.

She thinks that if she had come three years earlier, she would have competed with her.

It’s a pity that Ni Tong feels powerless now.

Just like the ex-lover that the newcomer can never fight with, she can’t compare with a person who is not in this company.

Fortunately, soon, no one paid attention to this statement anymore.

Ni Tong was also promoted exceptionally as the Purser.

His boss attached great importance to it.

No one talked about the ‘low outline’ anymore.

What everyone is most concerned about now is that the new ACJ31 passenger aircraft will be delivered soon.

Huafei’s first batch of independently researched and developed passenger aircraft was born, with orders from all major airlines across the country.

This means that the leading aircraft manufacturers such as Airbus and Boeing will face enormous challenges.

It also means that the future high-altitude field will have a switch in the dominating power.

Hengshi Airlines is ready to go up and down.

The weather is fine again, a new dedicated runway is completed, and the sixth flight team is established, ready to welcome the arrival of the new ACJ31.

——At the same time, it was also preparing to welcome the arrival of ACJ31 pilots.

The author has something to say:

I have transmigrated back, a little not used to the fact that typing actually still needs a keyboard.

But it doesn’t matter.

What’s important is, let us make way, for someone to come out and pretend to be something.


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