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“Give you some sunshine, you will become magnificent.

Give you more water, you will overflow.

Give you a cotton padded jacket, you will sweat.

Give you a broken nest, you will climb inside and lay eggs in it[1]!”

Fu Mingyu stared at this paragraph for a long time.

He didn’t know whether to feel angry or funny.

He doesn’t have to ask her who she is scolding in her circle of friends.

Ruan Sixian also believed that Fu Mingyu should understand it very clearly.

But two minutes later, she found a familiar profile picture appeared on the likes list.

Liked it

You still liked it

How come that Ruan Sixian feels that this ‘like’ is as if he is saying ‘This Emperor has read it but This Emperor doesn’t care’

Does he have any self-knowledge at all

I’m scolding you, Aisin Gioro[2] Mingyu!

In addition, Bian Xuan also commented: Who are you scolding again [Question] [Question] [Question]

Before Ruan Sixian could type the reply, Si Xiaozhen replied to Bian Xuan first: Who else could it be

Bian Xuan: Have you quarreled again

Si Xiaozhen: What are you arguing about It’s just the flirting between lovers anyway.

Bian Xuan: Treating the circle of friends as a love base.


Si Xiaozhen: Me too.

I can’t stand it anymore.

Ruan Sixian:

Is this flirting between lovers

This is insulting with sincere feelings, okay

Ruan Sixian solemnly decided to air-dry Fu Mingyu for two days to let him cool down his warm water first, otherwise he would get up and boil the water himself and he won’t even know the real situation at all afterwards.

However, in the next two days, Ruan Sixian didn’t see Fu Mingyu at all.

She didn’t have a chance to show her attitude.

He never called or sent any messages again.

It seems that the jealousy is quite big.

The next time Ruan Sixian saw Fu Mingyu again, it was at the door of the large conference room of the Flight Department two days later.

That afternoon, after returning home, she dragged the flight case through there and saw the dense crowd coming out.

Some people were happy, but some people also frowned.

The crowd was headed by Fu Mingyu, who looked indifferent and his emotions could not be seen, except for a faint look of fatigue at the bottom of his eyes.

After leaving the conference room, this group of participants went back to their respective offices, while Fu Mingyu followed Bo Yang and several assistants to the other side.

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The two were far apart, and Fu Mingyu didn’t notice Ruan Sixian at all.

On the side, several colleagues were whispering.

Ruan Sixian took back her eyes from Fu Mingyu, leaned over and asked: “What are you guys talking about”

Captain Fan: “You didn’t read the group chat”

Ruan Sixian shook her head.

Captain Fan said: “Haven’t the talk about the flight quality monitoring reform been going around for several months The final result has not been decided yet.”

Since the alternate landing due to Co-pilot Yu’s acute cholecystitis a few months ago, all pilots of Hengshi Airlines have been quietly paying attention to the progress of this matter.

But it was only paying attention, and they did not have too much expectation about it.

Some people once proposed reform, but due to the obstacles of manpower and material resources and also the actual situation, it finally came to nothing.

But this time, it was Fu Mingyu who handled this matter.

It’s not that they don’t trust him.

Everyone knows how he has fought for it.

They just feel that the thing even executive assistant Hu couldn’t do at that time, Fu Mingyu obviously won’t be able to make a big breakthrough in it.

Moreover, even CEO Fu held a neutral attitude towards this reform.

Someone pointed to the door of the conference room and then said: “It seemed that yesterday’s meeting was about to be finalized, but after seven or eight hours, some people were still opposing it.

Then the meeting is held again today.

Whether it can be finalized or not, it is still unknown.”

After a mixed discussion, Captain Fan finally made a concluding speech: “Come on, don’t guess anymore.

This is not something we can decide about.

We will know the result later anyway.”

With that, he turned to leave while clasping his hand behind his back and muttered: “It would be better if President Fu really can overturn the old system.


Ruan Sixian glanced back at the glass corridor and saw Fu Mingyu’s tall figure was partly hidden and partly visible.

After looking at it for a while, she vaguely felt that Fu Mingyu had indeed lost weight during this period of time.

No wonder he looks very tired today.

Two consecutive days of long meetings, is he still a human being

Ruan Sixian bit her fingers.

She looked at the glass corridor again and saw that Fu Mingyu’s figure had disappeared.

Two hours later, the release of the two documents blew up all the Flight Department’s staff of the Hengshi Airlines.

One is the ‘Flight Quality Monitoring and Management Regulations (2019 Trial Implementation)’ and the other is the ‘Negative List of Flight Data Applications’.

Ruan Sixian carefully read the two documents.

When she returned to the WeChat dialog box, the chat records of several groups were all ‘99’.

Everyone’s excitement was evident.

[1] Okay, sorry, I don’t get this one either.

But the derogatory meaning is ‘have no self-knowledge, ignorant’.

[2] Aisin Gioro: a Manchu clan that ruled the Later Jin dynasty.

Aisin Gioro itself means ‘gold’.


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