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Fu Mingyu took out his mobile phone, looked at the messages and asked at the same time: “Have you been harvested too”

Ruan Sixian suddenly became a little nervous, and hurriedly said: “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Her eyes dodged, and it seemed like she was hiding something in her tone.

She did have a little… bit of likes towards Xie Yu in the past.

At that time, all the girls who were normal or had an appreciation for beauty, which of them would not like him

But he already has a girlfriend who he has been dating since high school.

She would come to the university to check on him from time to time.

What can Ruan Sixian do She doesn’t even dare to add his QQ.

After so many years, the school grass is still the school grass, and it did not become an academic prince.

Ruan Sixian inexplicably feels gratified.

After all, compared with the beauty’s withering, the hero’s balding is also a very sad thing.

The sweet scented osmanthus of Yunhe University were blooming and glittering with golden light in clusters under the sunset.

It was very lovely.

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak all the way, and Ruan Sixian naturally wouldn’t talk to herself either.

They walked to the university gate in silence.

At this time, it was time for class.

There were not many people, but all the snack bars outside the university were so busy.

Ruan Sixian was a little greedy when she smelled the familiar scent of the clam vermicelli.

For her, the best clam vermicelli is still the one at the gate of Yunhe University.

She has been thinking about it for several years, but she will not make a special trip here only to eat this either.

But now that she’s here, she somewhat can’t help it anymore.

“Wait.” Ruan Sixian called to Fu Mingyu, “I want to eat the clam vermicelli.”

Fu Mingyu raised his head up from his mobile phone to glance at her.

Without saying anything, he turned and walked towards the store.

This store also has the same layout as the previous store.

It is small and crowded.

It can only have a very few people sitting in it each time.

Ruan Sixian saw that Fu Mingyu had been looking at his mobile phone and seemed very busy, so she said: “Why don’t you go back first I will go back with the company’s car later.

Fu Mingyu pulled a stool out, wiped it with a tissue, and said: “No.”

Alright then.

Ruan Sixian ordered a bowl of hot and sour clam vermicelli.

She asked Fu Mingyu but he said he was not hungry.

So Ruan Sixian could only eat by herself.

During this period, Fu Mingyu kept looking at his mobile phone without any expression or saying anything.

After Ruan Sixian ate half of it, she asked: “Would you like to try some I will pick the clams for you.”

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Fu Mingyu looked at his mobile phone and didn’t raise his head: “No.”


That’s not it.

If you don’t want to come, you don’t have to come.

Why do you seem so reluctant This makes it seem like I’m forcing you.

Ruan Sixian was made uncomfortable by Fu Mingyu’s attitude, and her appetite disappeared for more than half.

She wiped her mouth with a tissue and said: “I’m full.

Let’s go.”

When Fu Mingyu heard this, he put a hundred yuan on the table, got up and left.

Ruan Sixian looked at his back and blinked.

He is really sick, right

For a long time after getting in the car, neither of them spoke.

The car drove out of the speed bump outside the campus and into the highway.

Ruan Sixian looked at the speedometer and asked expressionlessly: “Are you very busy today”

Fu Mingyu held the steering wheel and said faintly: “Not busy.”

“If you are not busy, why are you driving so fast”

“Is this fast I think it’s still fine.

It’s not as fast as the high-speed collider yet.


You even wanted to compare the driving speed of a four wheeled car with the atomic collider

Why don’t you compare the altitude with your family’s plane then

Ruan Sixian didn’t bother to pay attention to him anymore.

She tugged at the seat belt that had been making her uncomfortable around her waist, and at the same time, her mobile phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and looked at it.


It’s the call from Dong Xian again.

Ruan Sixian didn’t want to pick it up very much.

When she was about to hang it up, she suddenly felt that the car was turning abruptly.

She turned her head to look at Fu Mingyu and saw him parking the car on the side of the road.

Then he unfastened his seat belt, opened the door and went down.

“Pick it up if you want.

I will get off.”

The door was slammed shut and the mobile phone in her hand automatically hung up the call because no one answered.

The narrow space in the car suddenly became quiet and strange.

Ruan Sixian looked at Fu Mingyu’s figure on the side of the road and blinked in confusion.


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