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The boy was just a little enthusiastic but he was still relatively simple.

In the laughter around him, he said: “Oh, so you like an older man…”

Time is limited and that is the end of the lecture.

The last part is to submit resumes and ask questions on the spot.

Ruan Sixian and the others were surrounded by the groups of students and couldn’t get away.

But she raised her head up to look at Fu Mingyu and saw him walking along the edge towards the front row.

Then he pointed to the front door and motioned to her that he would be waiting there.

About twenty minutes later, the students finally left one after another.

The colleagues in the publicity department were packing things up.

Ruan Sixian had nothing to do and was about to leave, but she was stopped by someone.

“Ruan Sixian”

That voice was a little uncertain.

It was not until Ruan Sixian turned her head back that the man came over happily.

“It’s really you.

I just watched you from the back row for a long time and thought I was wrong.”

This person’s name is Xie Yu.

He was Ruan Sixian’s immediate Senior in the university.

After graduation, he was admitted to their university to study for a postgraduate degree.

Now he is a doctoral student.

The two hadn’t seen each other since graduation, so at first Xie Yu just felt familiar and uncertain when he joined the fun in the back row.

“Are you a Pilot now You are amazing!”

Ruan Sixian waved her hand again and again while blushing: “No no, I’m just a Co-pilot.”

“Didn’t you say that you are a flight attendant before Why have you become a Pilot now “

The two began to talk about this topic.

Xie Yu was very curious so this topic somewhat couldn’t be stopped.

More than 20 minutes had passed unknowingly.

It was not until the people in the publicity department had packed everything up and reminded Ruan Sixian, that she recovered her mind.

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“Then, I am leaving now”


Go ahead.”

Before leaving, Xie Yu took the initiative in proposing to leave each other’s contact information, so the two added the WeChat account of the other party’s and also left their phone number.

Ruan Sixian walked towards the front door with her mobile phone in her hand, and even her steps were a little happy.

As she walked, she touched her face again.

Was she calm when she talked to him just now She didn’t show the expression of being too excited, right

This is Xie Yu, the man of the hour in their university back then.

At the time when the Tieba[1]was still in the stage between hot or collapsed, he used his own power to drive the flow of Yunhe University’s Tieba, among which also existed the topic about him, where it was full of all kinds of pictures of him.

When she reached the front door, Ruan Sixian was busy changing the remark for Xie Yu’s phone number and touched Fu Mingyu with her forearm.

“Let’s go.”

Fu Mingyu glanced at her mobile phone and walked straight out.

Yunhe University has an access control system and only the officers’ cars can drive in.

Fu Mingyu’s arrival to pick up Ruan Sixian is a private matter, so his car is parked outside.

The two walked side by side towards the school gate.

Ruan Sixian walked all the way and looked all around, sighing emotionally that the university has changed so much after years of not coming back.

Fu Mingyu, who was next to her, suddenly said: “Who was that just now”

“Huh” Ruan Sixian was taken aback for a moment, “Who do you mean”

“The one that talked with you.”

“Oh, Brother Yu, a former senior.”

Fu Mingyu said faintly: “He is quite handsome.”

“It’s true.” Ruan Sixian said, “He was acknowledged as the school grass in those years, and I wondered if there’s any of the school grasses now who is more handsome than him.

Anyway, he was the most famous when I had just started to study here.

Well, he studied so well, always won the national award every year, and was in the university’s basketball team too.

These are nothing.

He even sings very well.

He is always the finale of every theatrical performance in the university.

At that time, as soon as he came on stage, the screams from below could even deafen people’s ears.”

Fu Mingyu lifted his eyelids and said nothing.

Ruan Sixian was still being nostalgic by herself and sighed emotionally by herself too: “Later, I heard that a celebrity agency wanted to sign him.

I thought he was going to be a celebrity.

Unexpectedly, he had been studying and has really been devoting himself to the research of the high-speed collider.”

She looked around.

“I wondered how many young girls’ hearts have been harvested by him after spending so many years in school.”

[1] Tieba : It is the most used Chinese communication platform, hosted by the Chinese web services company Baidu.

Baidu Tieba was established on December 3, 2003.

It is an online community that heavily integrates Baidu’s search engine.


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