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Ruan Sixian: “… Are you an ETC[1] Why do you automatically raise the bar[2]”

Fu Mingyu didn’t speak.

He closed the probe and tapped Ruan Sixian’s head with his index finger.

“The flight has been cancelled.

Go back and have a rest.”

Ruan Sixian also straightened up, turned her head and saw a row of people behind her were all looking at the two of them.

No wonder she just felt so quiet all around.

Of course Ruan Sixian didn’t really go back to rest.

The police came and were asking about the situation.

Ruan Sixian had to be present.

However, during the entire questioning process, the man in sunglasses has been emphasizing that he is not at ease with the female pilot’s skill so he tosses the coins to pray for blessing.

Female pilot, female pilot, female pilot… Ruan Sixian really couldn’t listen to it anymore, then got up and left.

When she returned to Hengshi Airlines’ building, Ruan Sixian dragged the flight box and walked quickly.

She looked so angry that it directly frightened several colleagues who wanted to ask about the situation.

However, several ignorant female colleagues from the publicity department who went downstairs to have lunch together met Ruan Sixian in the elevator and greeted her.

“Little Ruan, got off the plane already”

“No.” Ruan Sixian said, “The flight has been cancelled.”

Flight cancellations are a common occurrence, and those few female colleagues that were already accustomed to seeing such a thing did not ask much, and chatted about other things.

“Isn’t it the peak time for school recruitment recently The academic lecture hall at Yunhe University is overloaded, so it has been changed to the auditorium.

I saw their LED screen.

The size is wrong so I have to re-make the PPT again.”

“Yours is still okay.

For us who were making the poster, it’s really miserable.

The academic lecture hall of Yunhe University is overloaded and they just directly gave us two days ahead of schedule.

I haven’t finished the poster yet.

I have to stay up late and work overtime tonight.”

Speaking of Yunhe University, the person turned around and asked Ruan Sixian: “Little Ruan, don’t you go to the lecture It’s your alma mater, what a dignity to go back there and make some appearance.”

What they are talking about is this year’s Hengshi Airlines Flight Academy’s tour enrollment.

They will go to major colleges and universities to give lectures, recruit college students, and train them as a pilot.

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Ruan Sixian said she didn’t want to go before, but at this time when her colleague asked again, her mind was full of the ‘female pilot’ that came out from the mouth of the man with sunglasses.

She cannot restrain her anger at this moment and agreed on the spot.

It’s best to recruit all girls and fill the sky with female pilots so that he will be so scared he dare not fly with an airplane anymore for the rest of his life.

But when it was already the day for the lecture, Ruan Sixian was still a little bit nervous.

She learned basic physics when she was in college and rarely had the opportunity to be on stage.

When she faced the dense crowd, her heart kept beating like a drum.

When she took the microphone and went to the stage, the boys in the lecture hall instantly boiled, and some even took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Ruan Sixian cleared her throat and was about to speak when she saw Fu Mingyu coming in through the back door.

Fu Mingyu told her at noon today that he would be free in the afternoon and would pick her up when the lecture was over.

Ruan Sixian didn’t understand what’s the use of picking her up.

The company had clearly dispatched a car for all the staff.

Did he come to pick her up to openly declare the special relationship or did he think that her label is not heavy enough

It’s fine if he just came to pick her up but unexpectedly, he even came inside.

Across the long distance, Ruan Sixian threw a vague white-eye at him.

Fu Mingyu caught the white-eye, but his expression did not fluctuate.

He stood in a low-key manner in the corner and looked at her quietly.

After the brief explanation, it is the students’ turn to ask questions.

The boys are particularly enthusiastic.

At the beginning, the problem they asked was fairly serious.

But later, they began to deviate.

“Sister, are you single”

This caused a commotion below.

Ruan Sixian only coughed and said concisely: “Yes.”

As the voice fell, Ruan Sixian subconsciously looked at Fu Mingyu.

With one hand in his pocket, he looked over from a distance.

His figure was cut off by the light above her head and she couldn’t see his eyes clearly.

The boy then asked: “Then Sister, have you ever considered a relationship with a younger man”

Ruan Sixian: “…”

Facing another wave of laughter, Ruan Sixian said seriously: “I don’t like a younger man.”


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