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After that, she frowned dissatisfiedly, “Fortunately, I have your password.

Otherwise, you won’t even know if your refrigerator gets moldy.”

“I haven’t cooked at home recently.”

Ruan Sixian went into the room to change clothes, and Si Xiaozhen followed in.

She wanted to chat, but she saw the aircraft model on the head of the bed at a glance.

Si Xiaozhen immediately knelt on the bed and fetched it.

“Be careful!” Ruan Sixian, who took off her clothes halfway, rushed over and patted Si Xiaozhen’s hand, “It’s very valuable, don’t break it.”

Si Xiaozhen ignored her.

She held the aircraft model and her eyes were so bright as she looked at it carefully.

“This is the German’s De Havilland Comet.

It’s so exquisite.

Where did you buy it It must be very expensive, right”

“It doesn’t cost any money.” Ruan Sixian turned to change her clothes, turned her back to Si Xiaozhen, and said in a small voice, “It’s a gift.”

Si Xiaozhen marveled at the exquisiteness of the aircraft model.

After looking at it over and over again several times, she finally blinked and asked: “From whom”

Ruan Sixian felt that the other party’s eyes seemed to know something, but she felt again that it was impossible, so she went over it perfunctorily: “It’s a gift from a friend.”

“This friend’s surname is Fu”


Seeing Ruan Sixian’s a little bit shocked and guilty eyes, Si Xiaozhen knew she was right.

“His name is engraved on the wing.

Who are you trying to deceive anyway”

Ruan Sixian really didn’t notice it.

She took the aircraft model and turned it over before she finally saw the three letters of ‘FMY’ under the wing.

This dog man, giving an aircraft model with his name engraved on it, really too shameless.

Ruan Sixian put down the aircraft model and walked out.

Si Xiaozhen followed her and asked, “What’s going on”

“What do you mean with what’s going on”

“Don’t be pretentious with me.

You are not even a teenage girl anymore.

What’s there to be shy about”

Ruan Sixian walked faster and faster.

She opened the refrigerator and took a bottle of water to drink then said expressionlessly: “Thank you for the patronage.

I’m in space right now and just got off the ship so there’s no signal.”

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Si Xiaozhen: “You are so boring.

Did you sleep with him”


Ruan Sixian almost choked to death by a mouthful of water.

“What’s the matter with you”

“Then why are you hiding it”

Si Xiaozhen leaned against the refrigerator and looked at Ruan Sixian.

Anyway, she already had the answer in her heart and didn’t keep asking anymore.

“I think it’s pretty amazing.

Last time, Bian Xuan told me that you slapped him in the bar.

He actually didn’t kill you and instead he is chasing you now”

Ruan Sixian didn’t say anything, but acquiesced.

Si Xiaozhen was even more curious.

“No, I said, what was your situation with him Didn’t you hate him before”

Ruan Sixian muttered: “I did hate him.”

“That’s right.

I can’t understand it even more now.

If the people you hate also hate you, this is normal and it means that you are all people of different worlds.

But if the people you hate likes you, it means——”

“It means he has a good eye.”


Si Xiaozhen has no way to refute this logic.

Since Ruan Sixian was like a boring gourd whose mouth couldn’t be pried open, the topic couldn’t be continued anymore.

The two then talked about their recent vacation.

Ruan Sixian said that she wanted to go to the surrounding area, but Si Xiaozhen wanted to go to Lincheng.

“It’s the anniversary of my university.

So everyone just wants to hold the class reunion while they are on it.

I have to go.”

Speaking of university, Ruan Sixian remembered that a colleague from the Publicity Department asked her whether she would participate in the enrollment publicity yesterday.

The reason is the same as Fu Mingyu said.

Only when a female pilot participated in it, will it attract more girls.

Ruan Sixian has the time.

She just felt that she didn’t want to do anything else on her vacation day.

She just wanted to stay at home, so she refused it.

However, the turning point of this matter came from the flight mission the next day.

The flight department arranged an instructor for Ruan Sixian to fly with again.

Ruan Sixian and the instructor got on the plane talking and laughing.

When the guests came up, the cabin crew closed the cabin door accordingly.

At this moment, Ruan Sixian’s headset suddenly sounded with the voice of the maintenance crew, and her face changed.


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