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Everything is the same at Jiangcheng International Airport, and the Hengshi Airlines’ Headquarter located next to the airport is still busy.

The bright and pretty flight attendants dragging their flight case were shuttling between the Hengshi Airlines’ Headquarter and the airport.

Laughing constantly every day, they were talking about old things over and over again.

Until a week later, everyone heard that Ruan Sixian from the fourth cabin crew department had left.

It is said that she left decisively, even before the one-month handover period, and she had to pay a penalty for breach of contract and lost the year-end bonus.

On that day, she moved out of the staff dormitory of the crew department.

She was also accompanied by her good friend Si Xiaozhen who also left together with her.

But everyone’s focus is on Ruan Sixian.

She was young and beautiful.

A few months ago, she had just appeared in the Hengshi Airlines’ newspapers and became a cover crew member.

She was in the limelight for a while and was nicknamed ‘The Flower of The Hengshi Airlines’ jokingly in private, and many single and non single captains frequently courted her.

Her career is also on the rise, and her flight mission is excellent.

Wang Lekang has always admired her.

When she wanted to leave, he said that she would be promoted to a Purser in order to retain her, but she still left.

The personnel process quickly came down.

Fu Mingyu’s secretary raised the topic, “Ruan Sixian had resigned.”

Fu Mingyu flipped through the documents at the desk, “Who is Ruan Sixian”

“She’s the one…” The Secretary coughed.

“The flight attendant who gave you coffee three times on the plane.”

Fu Mingyu’s movements didn’t stop, and the half-finger-thick documents made him have no time to take care of these matters.

But a moment later, he laughed.

“She couldn’t stand the shock because when she went to the hotel that day, it was empty”

The Secretary shrugged, probably.

Who knows.

Anyway, Fu Mingyu usually encountered many women like this anyway, and he doesn’t even know the name of the flight attendant.

Fu Mingyu also drank wine that day.

If not, Ruan Sixian would have been fired directly by Wang Lekang.

Fu Mingyu did not speak any more, indicating that the Secretary could go out.

At this moment the executive assistant Hu knocked on the door and came in with a stack of documents.

“The final version of the ACJ31 procurement contract is out.

I have read it three times, you can look at it again.”

The documents were placed in front of Fu Mingyu’s desk, twice as thick as the pile just now.

After all, it is an aircraft procurement, not the business of fishing for turtles with shrimp.

This will affect the future development of Hengshi Airlines.

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It is precisely because of the ACJ31’s large-scale procurement plan that this independently developed new passenger aircraft will gradually occupy the fleet of Hengshi Airlines in the future.

Correspondingly, the demand for pilots of other aircraft types will be greatly reduced.

Fu Mingyu decided to cancel the internal recruitment plan.

The fleet reform is approaching, and the top executives of Hengshi Airlines are too busy.

The words ‘Ruan Sixian’, just like her face, only existed in Fu Mingyu’s mind for a short while.

So fleeting, just like the wild geese that passed without a trace.

But it does not mean that others are not interested in Ruan Sixian’s departure.

Some people said that she had changed company because Beihang offered her better conditions.

But it doesn’t make sense.

She’s just a flight attendant.

She won’t be digged by others.

Some people say that she was proposed and resigned to be a full-time wife.

Others said she had changed her career.

There are different opinions, and no one is sure about it.

Some people asked her the reasons on WeChat.

She only said that she wanted to change the environment, but everyone didn’t believe it.

Who would resign so hastily just to change the environment

Until a few days later, someone in London saw Ruan Sixian and Captain Yue having dinner in a famous classy restaurant.

Everyone thought that she must be with Captain Yue, so she had to go to England in a hurry.

But this seemingly reasonable statement was immediately broken, and the real reason finally spread.

It turned out that Ruan Sixian tried to seduce President Fu on the plane, but after she failed, she stalked him in London, and President Fu could not bear to be disturbed anymore.

This happened when the crew department was vigorously managing the ‘chaos’.

Ruan Sixian also had to be so stubborn and relied on her beauty to spread her charm.

Unfortunately, the person didn’t buy it.

So she was asked to resign before she will be fired, to save her face.

Everyone believed this statement, because it was let out by her crew on that happening day, with all the details and high authenticity.

Some people sighed that if Ruan Sixian had a slightly better calculation, she could find a young captain with an annual salary of one million and she could still fly in her boyfriend’s flight, which would be much better than ordinary people.

How many people would not be envious of her Why should she stare at the position of the president’s wife


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